Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Mared Etymology

 Mared Etymology

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Let's start with the etymology of Mar. The first letter, M, has several meanings and interpretations in various human languages. But for the purposes of this discussion we can say that it is a representation of "God" or "The Supreme Power". In fact, there are many symbols and letters used to represent Gods throughout history; Zeus (Ζ); Thor (Þ), Jupiter (J), Brahma (~) etc.

Moving on to the next letter, R. The most obvious meaning is "warrior". In fact, in many languages the name for warriors involves this letter: Germanic Herren-i (latinized as Herrenus); Sanskrit ḥarri; Irish fear; Old English hrēor and hærfest; Japanese 英雄 eiyū.

Now we have E, which is a representation of the Sun. It signifies many positive things. The letter also represents fire and thus it has slightly negative connotations, but that depends on the context. It can represent warfare, destruction etc.

Finally, we have U. This is a representation of the Moon and its connotations are quite negative. It represents "the feminine" and thus has associations with deception, irrationality etc.

So, putting this all together we get: "God of the Warrior Moon". There is a nice continuity in that Mared also refers to a warrior (the word 'marauder' comes from maraudeur which came from mard-warrior). So even if you take away the etymology of Mar as a representation of God or Supreme Power, it still retains its significance and meaning.

So, this is just one of many possible etymologies. It's not meant to be taken too seriously or literally. But it does show how you can get a lot out of words and their origins.

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