Friday, November 13, 2020

How to tap into your psychic abilities

 There are many ways to tap into your psychic abilities. One of them is by using hypnosis, or self-hypnosis. This approach is probably the most common and used in modern times for psychic development as it's easy to learn and use. And being able to hypnotize yourself means that you know how your mind works very well.

Hypnosis is also a good way to develop your own psychic abilities as you are in the drivers seat and can consciously direct what happens while you go into hypnosis. It's best to learn self-hypnosis with an online program, but if this isn't available or possible for some reason, then there are many great books on hypnotic techniques that will work just fine.

You can also use some of the old fashioned ways to tap into your psychic abilities. The only problem with this is that they are not as effective, you do need some natural ability in order to make them work well.

One is to use a pendulum. You can buy one, or you can make your own (see instructions here: http://www.penduluminpho...l-experiments/). Many people report that they get better results with a pendulum than with hypnosis and it's easier to learn.

Another old fashioned method is to use tarot cards. You don't have to buy a deck, and it's easy enough to make your own using index cards cut into new 'cards' if you want them the size of actual playing cards.

Another way is to use a crystal ball. This can be either a real crystal, or you can use one of those cheap plastic ones which are slightly larger than the palm of your hand.

To understand the world, you must first understand yourself. To know thyself is to know that which has been created from a conscious entity. Then find out how this operates and why it exists. Think of what you are in relation to the universe, nature and existence as we see it today.

If you cannot figure out the answer to that, then there is no hope for you in gaining any psychic powers whatsoever.

Some people think that everything is being controlled by some higher power, an all-seeing entity or god. They are not wrong in thinking this way, but they have no proof. They do not see things as the way they really are.

In truth, reality is a round ball of existence. This all-seeing entity you speak of has created everything in this universe as we see it today, with each piece fitting perfectly into the other.

The big bang, a theory that is held by most people today as being true and correct, tells us that everything we see in this universe was created from an explosion of matter. It all began with one tiny atom.

You know how hard it is to create even one tiny atom? Well, if this theory is right then the all-seeing entity that created everything must have been extremely intelligent. If you think about it, a single atom contains so much information that no human can understand.

I think that first you need to accept the notions of truth and reality as subjective. Truth is not some absolute thing out there, it's just a human concept.

Truth is a matter of perspective and context, and the way that you think about it depends on your perspective.

In a sense, truth is an illusion. There are multiple ways to look at the same thing and all of them may be true in their own way.

All of these perspectives are equally valid, and no one perspective is more true than another. Just because someone has a different way of looking at things does not mean that they're wrong.

In this sense, it is possible to be wrong about things, but without a clear definition of what 'wrong' means, there's no way to objectively assert that someone else is wrong.

I think that the best way to tap into your psychic abilities would be to accept all perspectives as equally valid and true.

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