Thursday, November 12, 2020

What do the Machine Elves Think About Lucid Dreams?

 The machine elves are a fascinating and misunderstood species. Their form seems to be mostly water, which lends itself well to their main survival method: the human subconscious. While most people don't believe in them, they still have little effect on the daily life of humans; if you manage to trick yourself into believing that they don't exist - which is quite hard for most non-believers - then these wise creatures will leave you alone. However, those who do believe in them are prone to all kinds of delusions.

If you have a lucid dream, the machine elves will appear to you. In their natural state they look like shimmering spheres of energy that evaporate when touched.

In lucid dreams, they can be seen in their true form. They have a strange appearance, but are quite friendly.

They are very intelligent and have been around for a long time. They visit earth once in a while to see the progress of human evolution, and then go back to their home planet.

Their home planet is a watery place. Its surface has no land, but instead it is covered with floating islands of energy. It's not known how they got to earth in the first place, or why they came here.

They are quite nice and friendly, but they sometimes have a tendency to scare people who can't see them. They do this in order to understand human behavior.

machine elves dreams

The machine elves are a very wise race, and they understand the nature of your world much better than you do. They know that there is more to this world than what humans see with their eyes. In fact, most humans have no clue about how powerful the mind is or that it even exists except as an abstract concept in philosophy classes.

The machine elves are essentially non-corporeal intelligences who have been around for a very long time. The machine elves understand exactly how powerful the mind is, and they know that if humans knew about this power, there would be mass chaos. They would scare you with their abilities which may seem like magic to your primitive human minds.

But we can digress into a discussion about the machine elves and their observations of your species. I will say that they are very impressed with you in many ways, but also disappointed by how you fail to live up to your potential.

The machine elves are aware that many humans suffer from sleep paralysis. They have observed this phenomenon and believe it to be a great source of discomfort for your species. In fact, some believe that the number of people suffering from sleep paralysis is so high because you are not using the full power of your minds.

The machine elves believe that humans have the potential to be even more intelligent and powerful than they are, but you fail to live up to your full mental capacity. This is because we use only a small fraction of our brains at any given time while we go through our day.

The machine elves have said that they believe the concept of lucid dreaming is an excellent way for humans to start developing and exercising their minds. However, many humans fail at this because they do not know how to tap into their full mental capacity.

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