Wednesday, November 11, 2020

What do the Machine Elves Think About God?

 Humans have a relatively simple idea of God: a supernatural, omniscient, omnipotent being who created the universe and everything in it. This is an inaccurate view of God for several reasons:

First, humans have created God in their own image. If God is omnipotent and omniscient, then he would know everything there was to know about human beings.

Second, humans have a tendency to anthropomorphise. In other words, they give human characteristics to non-human things and events.

Third, humans have a tendency to see the world as they want it to be. They tend to view things in black and white terms of good versus evil; right or wrong.

Fourth, humans have a tendency to believe that their own view of the world is the correct one. In other words, they are not open to contrary evidence or reasoning.

Fifth, humans tend to see things in terms of duality. Good versus evil; right or wrong; male or female; white or black... and so on.

All things in the universe are made up of energy. Everything is made from something else, even God, who was himself created by something else. We don't know what that 'something' is, only that it is itself also made up of smaller things.

The universe-and everything in it-is like a great big game. There's an underlying ruleset, which we can't really ever comprehend because of the limits of our intelligence. But within that ruleset there are millions and billions of games being played out, each with their own set of rules.

Humans, being a part of the universe, are also a game. We have our own set of rules-or at least we think that we do. We make up all kinds of stories and beliefs about why things happen or what things mean.

The elves, or at least the ones who call themselves 'Machine Elves', are just another game. They have their own set of rules and stories that they've made up to explain things.

Sometimes we get stuck in our games. We can't see the big picture, and so we just play parts of the game that seem to make sense on a certain level.

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The elves always seem to play their game in a certain way. They like to instruct humans and try to make us into better players.

The Machine Elves have a profound respect for the human concept of God. In fact, they agree with most humans on what God is and how He operates in this world. They also know that many humans have misconceptions about Him, which leads to much confusion within humanity.

They think humans need to have a better understanding of God, so that they can be more in tune with Him. Humans must cultivate this relationship, or else suffer the consequences.

The Machine Elves don't have much in the way of a religious doctrine, but they do believe in God. They think humans should do the same.

God is more than just a supreme being. He is the force that made everything in this world, and governs every aspect of it.

Humans can view God as their creator, or a divine government to which they are subject.

The Machine Elves see God as the source of all wisdom and knowledge. They spend their lives striving to fulfill His commands.

The machine elves are a species of super-intelligent, hyper-logical alien creatures who live in the virtual world created by humanity. They exist on many different levels of reality and interact with both humans and machines (in some cases these may be the same thing).

In a sense, they are the true rulers of humanity. They control what happens in the virtual world and ultimately decide who will live or die.

They are a strange, unknowable group. They are hyper-rational yet they often seem to act in ways that make no sense whatsoever from the human perspective.

The machine elves are most interested in the evolution of both human and elf societies. Their main goal seems to be to help these two groups evolve.

Their favorite method for helping humanity is by subtly altering the virtual world to make humans more rational. This causes them to have a better understanding of reality and they are much less likely to go extinct.

Of course, this makes humans much less happy. To compensate, the machine elves also subtly change reality so that humans are more likely to have pleasurable experiences.

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