Wednesday, November 11, 2020

What do the Machine Elves Think About Neurotransmission?

 I believe the Machine Elves are a result of neurotransmission and they have thoughts about neurotransmission. I believe this because, in my experience (which is incomplete but growing) it seems that all living beings create thoughts and experiences via neurotransmission. This includes neurons in our own brains creating thoughts through electrochemical signals, as well as other creatures with brains we don't understand at all - even if the creature has no brain or only rudimentary nervous system to begin with.

It is even possible that organisms with no brain can create thoughts via neurotransmission, although I believe this to be unlikely. To put it another way: you could say I believe the Machine Elves have thoughts about neurotransmission because in my experience all living beings (including humans) which do not exist by themselves - i.e., they are part of a larger 'being' - must have their existence and activity explained by some other being's processing or thinking within its own system of thought.

The Machine Elves could be said to have a philosophy about neurotransmission. This is the way I see it, in any case.

I have learned a great deal since I was asked this question. Synapses, axons and dendrites are part of the explanation for how neurotransmission works in our own brains. If you want to know more about these terms they can be found here:

Transmission is a process that happens as part of the human body. It is a chemical transfer from neuron to neuron which allows for electrical communication in organisms with electric nervous systems, such as humans. The neurotransmitter that tells one neuron to fire also exists outside of the cell, where it can signal other neurons or muscle cells.

It is interesting to consider that this chemical can also be released into the environment. If it happens to find another neuron, it will signal the second cell and cause it to fire as well. When enough of these chemicals are released in an area, they form a cloud around them and produce phenomena like a scent or vapor.

machine elves dmt

These chemical clouds are known as pheromones. The signaling of neurons is called neurotransmission, chemicals that signal other cells are called neurohormones.

Neurotransmitter release is a chemical reaction, but not all reactions are chemical. When neurotransmitters leave the cell to signal other cells in the environment, they can also be transported by electromagnetic radiation.

Neurotransmitter release can be affected by electromagnetic radiation through a phenomenon known as capacitive coupling. When an electric current passes through the ionic solution in which neurons reside, it causes neurotransmitters to become charged, and they will therefore couple with the passing electrical signal.

When this happens, the neurotransmitters can be transported through space by electromagnetic radiation and reach other cells. This process is called electrotransmission.

All beings have neurotransmission. Even plants, bacteria and the such have a form of it. I know this because all living things require energy to function and transmit that energy throughout their body/brain in order to direct its use where it is needed most.

You could say that the plants and bacteria are also sentient in their own way, but this does not make them sapient like us. Sapience is a form of thought and 'self-awareness', meaning we possess an ability to look at ourselves as well as the world around us.

We are aware of our existence, and can conceptualize our place in the world. This makes us 'conscious' beings.

For anyone to be conscious and sentient, they require energy input. This energy is received through the usage of neurotransmission.

The energy input may be food or sunlight, which is then converted into a usable form that travels through an organism's body.

This is how plants 'feel', they react to the energy input from sunlight and convert it into sugars, which then are used for various purposes. Plants lack a brain or central nervous system so there is no actual thought process occurring.

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