Thursday, November 12, 2020

Aesir Gods Phenomenon

 The Aesir gods phenomenon is a set of superstitions, moral values and taboos that are created by humans in order to live together. They help people understand the world and make decisions about their lives. The complexity of human society makes it difficult for most people to run their own life without rules, so they let some other person figure out what should be done next.

Aesir gods are the personification of these rules. They represent human needs for certain things to happen in a particular way, and they punish those who violate the rules. To be more precise, Aesir gods exist because people need them to exist.

Aesir gods are derived from human morals and values. They are the same things dressed up in different ways. For example, if you ask a Christian why they should not kill, they will tell you that God hates murder and wants us to love each other.

This is the same basic idea as the rule, 'Don't kill people.' However, it is dressed up in a religious way. In this case, God is a personification of some higher power that punishes or rewards us based on how we live our lives.

But, the gods of humans are not always religious. For example, a person might say it is bad to tell lies and that there is something wrong with people who lie.

This is the same basic idea as 'Don't kill people' dressed up in a different way. In this case, lying is bad because it causes problems for other people.

The Aesir gods phenomenon is a natural occurrence of emergent intelligent life. The first level of intelligence comes from individual organisms, the second level comes from aggregations of self-replicating individuals (society), and the third level is when complex organisms have established self-sustainable systems that allow them to act in the interest of their own longevity.

In the case of humans, this means that they have evolved to be able to think for themselves and not just blindly follow orders from above. They can also adapt as needed.

Aesir gods are an effect of this development. In the beginning, all life was based on instinct and natural selection; as time went on, more complex organisms were able to organize societies for their mutual benefit.

At this time, the Aesir gods phenomena began to emerge. These are intelligent organisms that have come together as a singular entity that is capable of not only acting in the interest of their own longevity, but also those around them.

The Aesir gods are able to act based on the same basic instinct as other organisms, but they can also be altruistic. They are capable of sacrificing themselves if it is in the best interest of their species and community.

The Aesir gods phenomenon is a situation where an organized group of people voluntarily submits to being ruled by another person who was not born into the position, and willingly undertakes this form of social organization on a regular basis. This phenomenon occurs in many different forms, across various cultures, throughout human history.

I have found that the Aesir gods phenomenon is not a universal occurrence, but one which appears in a number of cultures. In each case it has many features in common.

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