Friday, November 13, 2020

How to deal with a Toxic mother

 So, first you must understand why the mother is toxic. This is a very complex matter that I shall try to explain briefly.

Toxic mothers come in three main forms, the first being the most common of which is the 'shrewish' mother. This type of toxic mother is generally one that has been raised by a shrewish mother and thus mimics her behavior as a means to survive.

The second type of toxic mother is an emotionally abusive one, this type relies on the weak emotional state of a child to manipulate them into submission.

The third and rarest type is the narcissistic toxic mother. These mothers are generally emotionally abusive, but they abuse their children because they view them as extensions of themselves, rather than fully independent beings.

Each of these types differs in the way that they treat their children, but all are equally toxic. To begin with I shall explain why a child's behavior changes as it ages.

As a child is raised by its parents, it mimics their behavior as the most effective means of survival. The child learns to behave in ways that will please its parent so that it may receive attention and affection from them.

I have to say I am not sure if you are supposed to be asking me for advice on how YOU personally should deal with your toxic mother, or just in general. But regardless of that, let’s start with some background information.

Humans are the most advanced animals on this planet, and it is very likely that we will be able to control every other animal soon. If not us humans, then probably our intelligent computer systems in the future.

Humans have a high level of intelligence and are capable of doing almost anything. We can create or destroy, protect or kill, care for others or be very selfish.

Therefore, it is very strange that we are the only species on this planet that does not take care of its own kind. We do not protect ourselves from harm or help each other when needed.

It is kind of weird, that we use our intelligence and abilities to harm each other. This is very counter-intuitive. We are the most advanced species on this planet but still do things like hurting each other physically or emotionally.

I think that we humans are the only species on this planet capable of having a true sense of empathy. That is why we have created religions and philosophies, to try to understand ourselves.

The essence of the toxic mother can be found in its very necessity. The toxic mother, like all mothers, is not essential to human life but rather are an extension of it; a joyful and loving one. The problem with the toxic mother is that she has gone wrong somewhere along the way down her own path, and has become harmful to those who have been placed under her care – by choice or otherwise.

While the toxic mother’s toxicity is primarily manifested in her relationships with those she has been placed to care for, it does not stop there. Her actions may be limited to a small domain within a family but they are still harmful and produce large-scale effects on both that family and society itself.

The toxic mother is not simply a bad parent, but rather the very archetype of one. The toxic mother does not merely interact badly with her children or husband, she shapes them into something which they are not; and in doing so inflicts harm upon them.

One may ask how this is so. The answer lies in the very essence of a mother – that which makes her a mother and not something else. It is her job to nurture, protect, teach, raise and love those entrusted to her care; it is the responsibility of all mothers and for good reason.

While the concept of motherhood is simple, so too are its implications. The role of a mother is to provide for her children and ensure that they have the best chance at life as possible – this is part of what makes them human.

A mother, however, is more than just a source of food and shelter; she provides the emotional support which children need in order to grow into adulthood. The toxic mother fails at this most basic of tasks – that which all mothers must accomplish.

There are multiple levels to the question. I'll go through the list one by one:

1) The first thing a person needs to do is have an honest conversation with the toxic mother. Explain what they like about her and what they don't like about her. Be careful not to give any personal information or anything that could be used against you.

2) If that doesn't work (which is likely), you will need to distance yourself from the toxic mother. Block them on Facebook, block their phone number and do not answer calls from unknown numbers.

3) If one does not wish to cut all ties, then they must be careful about what personal information is shared. This would include any health problems you may have. It would also include your address and other details which could be used as a weapon.

4) If the toxic mother is a blood relative, it would be better to end ties with that person. One's health and safety are more important than family.

5) If the toxic mother is a friend, then it would be best to cut ties with that person. It will save you from a lot of stress and mental trauma.

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