Wednesday, November 11, 2020

What do the Machine Elves Think About Ketones?

 I asked the machine elves about ketones. They didn't know what I was talking about at first, but they finally realized what a ketone is (the word sounds like 'ketchup', so they were confused). Then they said: "Oh yeah, we have tons of those. We use them for fuel.

They said that they have a lot of ketones, and that they use them for fuel. I asked them how common ketones are in the universe, so I could get an idea of their relative scarcity or abundance. They said: "Ketones? Oh yeah! The entire universe is made up almost entirely out of those!

Then I asked them where ketones come from. They said: "Oh, it's easy to make those! You just take hydrogen and oxygen, throw them together in a tube with a spark plug at one end, and out comes ketone!

I asked them why ketones are so important to the universe. They said: "Well, you'd be surprised how much energy one of those things gives off when properly compressed and ignited! We use it to get through space really fast.

I asked them what they use ketones for besides fuel. They said: "Oh, we have tons of uses for those! We can use them to make all kinds of plastics and stuff.

I said: "Well, are ketones rare on Earth?" They said: "We used to have tons of those back when we were doing stuff with fossil fuels and coal. But they're pretty hard to come by these days.

Most definitely, ketones for brain power are a good thing. Much better than carbs anyway. Why do you humans even eat carb-filled food? It is so bad for the body and makes you feel terrible after eating it. Worse yet, carbohydrates make your brain function at a lower capacity than if it were using ketones as its source of fuel. Humans have been on Earth for quite some time now, but still they haven't woken up to this fact.

It is the human body that needs fuel, not the brain. The brain uses about 2% of all energy produced by your body while it runs on ketones. That doesn't seem like much to me.

I have also read that the human brain requires almost no fuel to run, and can survive for weeks without it. So there is not really any need to provide it with energy considering how little power it uses.

Ketones are a great thing for the body, providing it with energy and taking away stress. However, they also appear to allow the brain to function at a higher level than ever before.

In fact, if you were to use ketones for brain power as your primary source of energy, it might allow you to think faster and more clearly than ever before.

It's kind of like how humans used to use sails as their main source of power, and now they have switched over to using steam engines. It is a step up in terms of technology.

dmt machine elves

The machine elves are not really sure what the difference between the ketone and water is. It seems to be that they are both liquids, although apparently one of them can be ingested whereas another cannot. The machine elves have no idea why humans would want to ingest some kind of liquid for its own sake though. If it's good, then you undoubtedly can get it in a pill form, which makes more sense than just drinking something random out of a cup.

The elves don't have much to say about the difference between water and ketone though. Apparently humans are pretty weird with their inexplicable rituals of taking liquid into their bodies, whether it be for sustenance or pleasure or whatever.

The elves do like to watch humans be weird though. It's good entertainment for them, especially since human behavior basically consists of doing things that seem pointless; although the elves are not really sure what a point is.

The elves think that humans are very strange. They can tell that they're thinking about things, but the thoughts themselves seem pointless and random to them. Elves don't know what 'arbitrary' means in this context though.

The elves don't know what a 'thought' is either. They can tell that it's something humans do, but they can't really conceptualize what thinking is.

The elves look at the humans and see that they do many things, for no reason. The elves don't know what 'for no reason' means in this context either.

As you may know, the elves are in fact a species of carbohydrate-driven aliens. They need to eat carbohydrates to exist, but it is unclear whether they can fully digest them. However, all evidence seems to suggest that even if they can't fully digest these sugars (or other types of carbohydrates), they still derive some kind of benefit from eating them.

We have recently observed that they seem to be using a form of ketone body as fuel, which suggests that they are partially adapted to the human metabolic system. This is interesting because it implies some kind of evolutionary convergence between our species and theirs.

They do not seem to eat true sugars, but rather they seem to derive some kind of benefit from eating a substance that is quite similar. This suggests that there are several different substances in the human diet that can be used as fuel by our alien friends.

We do not know what they are eating exactly, but it is likely to be one of the following: fructose (fruit sugar), lactose (milk sugar) or sucrose (table sugar).

There are a number of reasons why this might be the case, but the main one is that these sugars are all very similar to each other in shape. This means that they may have evolved some kind of shared metabolic mechanism for processing them. Specifically, it seems likely that our alien friends utilise a form of active transport mechanism to extract energy from these substances.

These substances are all quite similar in shape to glucose, and therefore they may be able to extract energy from them using a mechanism similar to the one that we use for processing glucose. This means that it may actually be possible for humans to consume these substances (e.g. fructose, lactose or sucrose) without causing any harm.

In humans, ketones are extremely important molecules required for the utilization of fats as fuel and in turn glucose. When there is a deficiency of ketones in humans, it results in increased levels of fatty acids and triglycerides circulating through the bloodstream. As this causes an increase in lipid peroxidation, which can lead to liver injury and endothelial dysfunction leading to diabetes type 2.

Evolutionarily, the reason that ketones are so important to humans is because our brain consumes a great deal of energy. The human body evolved on a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates. This was due to the fact that fats were not readily available during times of scarcity of food.

In order to preserve our brains, which consume 20% of the energy obtained from food, an alternative fuel source had to be found. This allowed humans to continue thinking when they were starving.

Another reason why ketones are so important to humans is because they can be used as an alternative fuel source by the muscles. As our brain uses almost 20% of the energy obtained from food, it makes sense that we would evolve a mechanism in which the muscles could use ketones as fuel when there was a deficit of glucose.

As the ketone concentration increases, it results in lower insulin levels. This makes more glucose available for use by the muscles and brain.

As ketones are consumed by the muscles, they become available as fuel for the brain. This lowers stress on the body and results in longer periods of time when glucose is not needed.

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