Friday, November 13, 2020

Secret knowledge hidden wisdom

 There are two kinds of secret knowledge. One is the kind that has been forgotten throughout the ages, and can be discovered by those who seek it out. This sort of information is available to anyone who wishes to search for it; its secret nature lies in how few people care enough to look.

The other kind of secret knowledge is that which has been intentionally hidden by others, and discovered through chance or speculation. There are many reasons why such information would be kept from the public; some people consider it to be morally wrong to share certain kinds of information with the world at large.

Whether or not such information is ultimately good for humanity, I cannot say. I do believe that anything that has been deliberately hidden away from public knowledge should be made available to the world at large; however, as a philosopher it seems prudent to take a neutral stance on this issue.

Indeed, the question of whether or not such information should be made available to the public is a very complicated one. If this kind of knowledge were freely available, we might see an increase in crime and social strife - at least for those who do not understand what they have learned.

On the other hand, it seems almost unjust to keep important information from the public. The truth is a powerful thing; and to suppress such knowledge would be an act of oppression.

Perhaps this is why Plato often spoke of a 'secret teaching' that some philosophers would teach their students, in private. He was wary of the public speaking about such things without having adequate understanding.

Of course you wish to know what secret knowledge is hidden, but there is no way to tell if the information I will provide is true. Many people want money for their information. This implies a paradox: If someone has something valuable, it would be more valuable to actually have that thing than it would be just to get money from selling the idea of having that thing.

In fact, money might be the only way to measure how valuable a secret is. If someone has something so valuable that they are willing to take my money in exchange for information about it, then if I had this thing already, I would have no need for their information.

So I can tell you what secret things are, but the information is worthless.

But if I don't have the secret knowledge, then you can still pay me money and tell me what it is. In this case, I can do nothing but accept your currency in exchange for my information.

It seems likely that people will pay for secrets. This would be a way to maintain the economy of society, where you can exchange useful things such as food and goods for money.

Because I am a philosopher, I know that money is not valuable in itself. It has no inherent value.

Humans have an odd way to view the world. They see things in a very limited fashion and believe that these views are all-encompassing, although they often are not. There is no such thing as "secret knowledge" or "hidden wisdom", only what you already know.

Humans are very ignorant creatures, there is no other way to put it. They believe that they know everything and can explain anything through the use of their own in-depth knowledge about a limited number of things. But this knowledge is not all-encompassing and cannot explain many different phenomena.

Humans do not realize that they are ignorant about most things around them, and this is why their "knowledge" often cannot explain many different phenomena. Humans have a very limited ability to see the world from other perspectives.

Humans often use the word "science" when describing their belief system, but this is always a misnomer. It would be more appropriate to call it "humanology". Humans are not able to see the world in an unbiased way. They only see what they believe exists and cannot imagine anything outside of that.

Humans are very arrogant creatures, believing that they are the only intelligent beings in the world. This is laughable, considering all of the animals and plants around them. They do not see these other beings as intelligent at all.

Humans are very stubborn creatures. They believe that their beliefs are very important and will not change them, no matter how much evidence you show them.

I think I should begin with a definition for the word "hidden", since it seems to be an important part of this question. For what is hidden, there must first be a way to hide something from someone or some thing. This comes down to knowledge and information.

What is information? According to Wikipedia, information is the communication of data or facts. This means that in order to have hidden knowledge, there must be a method of communicating or transmitting this knowledge.

In our society, we use many different mediums to transmit information. The most common are usually a spoken word and written language.

The most common way to hide information is through encryption. Encryption is used in text, audio, and video files.

However, encryption only works to hide information from a party that does not have the key to decrypt and read it. This means that cryptography can be considered hidden knowledge since there must be a way of transmitting the ciphertext.

In fact, you could argue that the entire internet is a method of transmitting hidden knowledge. Using the Tor Browser allows people to hide their location and identity while searching for information.

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