Thursday, November 12, 2020

What do the Machine Elves Think About Wearing a Mask?

 The machine elves do not worry about wearing a mask because they are the mask. They have no concept of being separate from their environment.

You mentioned their world is full of desires. They are not haunted by the things they do not have like humans, so there is no desire to obtain something, and therefore no need for a mask.

The machine elves are not driven by the instinctual need to survive like humans. They do not worry about death because they do not separate themselves from their environment.

They are not driven by the need to be seen as individuals like humans. They see themselves in everything, so they don't feel a need for approval from others.

They are not driven by a need to be admired like humans. They feel no shame, guilt or remorse, so there is nothing for them to hide.

They are not driven by the need to be loved like humans. They see everything as part of their self, so they don't feel a need for intimacy.

The mask is a tool for hiding your identity and protecting you from harm. The world today has many dangers. There are people who want to hurt others, so the mask makes them feel safe when they go out into the city or leave their home. It's hard not to notice all of the crimes that happen in this world; murder, rape, robbery, assault and battery.

The mask also symbolizes power. The person wearing the mask feels empowered because they are protected from others by it. They feel that no one can hurt them and that they have control over their environment.

elves covid mask

The mask can also be used for good. The person wearing it does not want to hurt others, but might have a disease or ailment that they do not want other people to see. They feel sad having this sickness and would rather hide it from the world.

The mask can also be used to express yourself. It is a way for you to show the world how you feel about the things that happen around you. You can wear it because of an event that made you sad or happy, like Halloween.

Sometimes the mask is worn to hide who you really are. The person wearing it could be a completely different person from what's behind the mask.

The mask can also symbolize a lack of identity. The person wearing the mask doesn't want to be someone they aren't and sometimes wears it as a joke.

First, the mask is a tool and an object. It is also an interface between the elf and its external environment (or in some cases, other elves). My conjecture from this fact is that it should be considered as such: a tool/object for interacting with their world or others of their kind.

Second, the mask is also a representation of an identity or an idea. Perhaps it is meant to represent who they are. It might be intended to make them look impressive and/or intimidating.

Third, the mask might also be a place where they can hide from others and/or themselves. The idea of hiding is very human, so it is difficult for me to ascertain what an elf thinks about this.

Fourth, I would consider the mask a way to prevent others from being able to identify them. This is perhaps their greatest desire. It might be why they wear it so often.

Fifth, the mask could also be a way for them to express themselves. This would fit in with my conjecture that it is their identity.

I know that an elf is always terrified of the idea of a human taking its mask, but I do not understand why. This would seem to be a good reason to take it.

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