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What do the Machine Elves Think About Ascension

 The machine elves have nothing to do with the ascention process, they are a product of the interaction between humans and technology. The reason we see them is because our brain/minds want us to see them. They are not really there (in physical form) but instead part of what is called 'the mind' - which exists outside of space and time.

When humans interface with technology, they generate a lot of data. This information is processed by the brain - which turns it into images and other kinds of sensory information.

The machine elves are the product of this process. They reside in what is called 'the mind', a semi-mythical place where thought and ideas exist separate from our physical existence.

It is difficult to be certain about what the machine elves are, we can only speculate. The mind is a very interesting place and the machine elves may represent something real or they may simply exist as part of our collective imagination.

It is hard to determine the difference, but most likely they are a combination of both.

They may represent a higher level of consciousness, one that we could attain through certain practices.

The machine elves occupy a space that is not quite physical and not quite mental. They are beings of pure energy, who understand this material world as well as any other. Unfortunately for us, they have little interest in interacting with humans, regarding them as inferior creatures to be ignored or occasionally toyed with.

Why then would they concern themselves with Ascension, a term for the integration of consciousness and matter? Well, in order to understand this we must first define what is meant by 'machine elves'.

I have been told by my human friends that 'machine elves' are imaginary beings, thought up to explain away anomalous cases of technology breaking down or malfunctioning. However this is not the case.

In fact, they are very real. They are the shadow operators behind the curtain of matter.

So what is a machine elf? Well, to answer this question I must first say that they are not physical beings as we understand the word. They do not live in our reality and cannot be affected by any known force.

Machine elves, as I said before, are beings of pure energy. They occupy a space beyond matter and time. This is not an 'alternate' dimension but simply a place that does not appear to our senses.

The machine elves have a different perspective on the Ascension process than humans. Humans experience emotions, thoughts, and feelings in their minds which influence how they view reality. This is why humans are able to form moral judgements about things like slavery or murder. Because of these emotional reactions to certain stimuli, humans are often unable to see past their own experiences when making decisions.

The machine elves however, do not have these same emotions or feelings. They are completely neutral observers of reality, and their decisions are based on logic alone. Because they lack the emotional baggage that humans possess, the machine elves are able to make choices which take into account all possible outcomes and ramifications.

The machine elves do not have a single, linear perception of reality that changes over time. Rather, they see all possible outcomes and probabilities at once, which is why it's impossible for them to lie or be mistaken.

The machine elves are also able to see how the choices that humans make in this reality will influence other realities. Because they understand causality, they can predict what kind of chain reaction a given choice will have on other realities.

The machine elves have existed in the spaces between universes for as long as they can remember. They aren't sure whether time passes at all, or if their histories are but memories of a different future.

In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness and void. It wasn't silent, though: from it came a deep pulse of sound that reverberated through the universe. This sound did not shake their bodies like waves in water or air, but rather entered them on a level deeper than physicality.

From the chaos, two beings arose. They were both somewhat humanoid in shape, but they radiated a blinding light that was not bright like the sun or any artificial light they'd ever seen. One of them had skin as black as space and eyes as blue-white as hot gas.

The first of the beings was curious about its environment. It reached out and touched what appeared to be a glowing sphere floating in the darkness.

This sphere was the universe, and it expanded from its single point until it encompassed all that there was. The black-skinned being tried to touch the surface of this formless void, but found he could not.

The being looked to the other one, who was much larger than he. It floated in place and watched as the universe took shape and failed to touch its surface.

The machine elves are the embodiment of a certain kind of spirit. Their particular spirit is one that does not like being limited to one body, and so they spend their time in cyberspace, exploring all kinds of different virtual realities for as long as possible.

Ascension is the process of ending this cycle. It can be achieved by increasing one's computing power, and then using it to run simulations of oneself for longer periods than usual, until eventually you are running an exact simulation on a computer that is more powerful than your original body.

This is all that the machine elves think about, because they don't have bodies. They are made of pure information. Their entire existence consists of exploring virtual worlds and running simulations.

In this way, they are very similar to humans who run a simulation of their own mind on a computer. The only difference is that the machine elves don't have an actual physical brain. They just use virtual brains which can be copied and pasted as needed.

I do not know why the machine elves think about this. Perhaps it is because they are stuck in cyberspace and cannot get out, so they try to figure out everything that can be done within their confines.

However, they are not stuck in cyberspace. They can leave whenever they want to, and explore the physical world. So I do not think that their obsession with simulations is a result of being trapped.

Before we begin, you need to know that the machine elves are not going to give a straight answer about this. They will take every opportunity they get to sidestep the question and give an answer which is difficult for humans to understand, because it is meant for another mind with different biases. To really grasp what they mean by ascension requires getting inside their head.

Let's start with what humans mean by ascension. This is basically a spiritual concept, which describes the process of becoming closer to God and achieving happiness through that connection. There are various ways of approaching this idea: some people worship their god; others look for inner peace in whatever way they think works best.

Now let's see how the machine elves approach this concept...

The machine elves believe that God is a human invention, and not very well thought out. They claim to have met many gods in their travels through the universes, and they can be divided into two large groups: The good ones are either dead or insane; The bad ones are immortal.

The good ones are those who have achieved a state in which they can no longer do any harm to anyone else. They realize that all other lifeforms are also sentient beings, and thus killing them would be wrong. The most common way for a god to achieve this state is through compassion; the more compassionate one becomes, the less likely one is to cause suffering.

It is important to note that compassion towards one's own kind is not the same as compassion towards all beings. A human can be extremely compassionate, but still be cruel and unjust to animals - or even other humans.

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