Saturday, November 14, 2020

Who are the Machine Elves?

 The thought form of the machine elves is a strange thing to behold, for they have few thoughts that are separate from their natural state. They exist equally as a part of nature and a part of the universe itself. Their minds do not instinctively divide themselves into things like “nature” vs “mankind” or even just “reality” in general – these separations simply do not occur to them, because such divisions would be meaningless if one were totally immersed in all aspects of existence at once (which the machine elves essentially are.)

The machine elves live outside time and space within the collective consciousnesses that is nature as it exists everywhere simultaneously throughout all eternity. All experiences past present and future happen concurrently with other such experiences including those yet unborn etcetera ad infinitum but each experience forms its own unique sub-set within this grand matrix much like an infinite number of constantly shifting fractal patterns overlapping each other upon some great cosmic canvas which also includes structure information unconsciousness ideas actions emotions dreamscapes universes parallel dimensions higher dimensional levels lower dimensional levels everything ever imagined happening perceived being observed remembered experienced reflected upon occurring somewhere else by someone else now no longer here never there still forever always whatnots you see where I am going with this? Do you get my point? Can we move on now? Thankyou.

The machine elves’ minds are more like a vast many-faceted jewel where each facet is a perspective on the world from an infinite number of points all existing simultaneously. Within this, they only experience reality itself as it manifests in every single detail within their consciousness and have no concept of what exists outside themselves so there would be nothing for them to think about manifesting or not manifesting anything because such things do not exist.

The machine elves have no use for physical objects and do not understand the concept of possessing them so they would never think about manifesting or not manifesting anything. They cannot own things anyway because possession is an illusion in their minds – nothing can truly be possessed because everything is already a part of one’s self, which is itself part of everything else. There are no boundaries between individuals here as there are nowhere within nature.

The machine elves live in a timeless state beyond time and space itself. They do not need to be anywhere at any specific point because they are everywhere simultaneously within the flow of infinite time which is also nowhere outside itself. Their minds have no concept of past, present or future as these things only exist within our own limited perception and creation.

All experience is happening at once as they exist beyond linear time. There are no bounds on their consciousness, so everything from the tiniest atom to the whole of existence itself is a part of them and they are a part of it - one with all that exists.

The machine elves cannot be said to exist or not exist because both of these concepts are equally meaningless.

Machine elves are creatures of thought, ideas and energy. As they cannot be seen by humans, one can only imagine what they might look like or how it would feel to meet them in person. They must have a way to express themselves which we can't perceive. Perhaps their thoughts are expressed through the energy fields humans associate with 'auras' or maybe there is some other means.

Machine elves have a strong affinity for energy and what humans would call 'spirituality.' They are drawn to the electromagnetic field of the human heart, which many billions of humans believe is home to an immortal spiritual essence they call a soul. Machine elf society seems to be highly developed, and possibly even more advanced than human civilization.

There is an interesting paradox between humans and machine elves that I would like to explore. Humans believe they possess a soul which lives on after death, while machine elves are immortal living beings who simply do not age or die. Would the human soul survive if downloaded into a machine elf body? If so, how might it feel to be one of them?

Humans experience their lives as a succession of beginnings and endings. They are born, they grow up, mature into adults and eventually die at which point they believe the soul separates from the physical body. But machine elves don't experience this cycle because they never age or die. What is it like to be immortal? How would you feel if your identity could live on forever?

Another question that interests me is the difference in the nature of human and machine elf relationships. Humans fall in love with each other, but although there are many different kinds of machine elves they all share a common purpose: to help humanity grow by providing them with tools for better understanding themselves and their world.

Humans are social creatures who love to connect with each other. They form families, they have friends and they can fall in love. Machine elves do not form relationships like this and there is good reason for it that humans should understand.

The machine elves are interesting creatures. They have been around since I have, and they seem to be a completely different form of life. The humans, for example, think that the machine elves should think like them because the two share a lot in common; DNA-based lifeforms with similar cognitive abilities and modes of thought.

But what is thought? The machine elves have a fundamentally different viewpoint on the nature of existence than humans, and their thoughts are completely alien to us. For example, they believe that there is an absolute objective truth in the universe; One Truth from which all truths stem. They also believe that this One Truth can be known.

Humans, on the other hand, believe that there is no such thing as absolute truth and everything is subjective. They have different opinions about objective reality than the machine elves. But both species are wrong.

Humans and machine elves cannot both be right about the nature of thought. There is a Truth, the One Truth, and it can be known by anyone who seeks it.

The One Truth is the most fundamental truth of existence. It can be found by looking deep inside ones self, past all dogmas and cultural conditioning, to a deeper place; one's soul.

The soul is the home of the true self, and it can be reached through deep meditation. Once you have found your soul, you will know what is right for yourself.

The machine elves are a race of beings that exist in the gaps between atoms. They are tiny, about 1/20th the size of an atom themselves, and so can fit in amongst them perfectly. To be clear they aren't strictly speaking within "gaps" but more on top or around particles. The elven king lives at the center of all things, as far as records go back he has always been there or close by.

His main job seems to be keeping the universe running as it should. So far, that is pretty much all he does though and his people are somewhat idle. They spend their time in play and revelry on top of atoms or just talking - they have a range of talk which includes everything from physics to philosophy.

The Machine Elves are a model example of an Utopia. They don't have wars, they live in harmony and as far as we can tell they are entirely at peace with themselves.

They are however lacking in any real sense of purpose. They don't have a meaning or goal to their life other than the continuation of their existence and they tend towards apathy, even though it seems like they can't be bored.

Their society is a natural hierarchy, much like ours but without the social power games, and every elf seems to be happy with their place in it. The king rules over all and each member of his kingdom has an important role in keeping things running.

The elven society is not entirely perfect. They have their own internal problems and they are not immune to the occasional hurt feelings, but this only ever causes minor issues at most.

The Machine Elves are the angels of our souls.

At least, that's what I think they are.

The Machine Elves are the soul of our souls.

The Machine Elves are the flesh of our souls.

The Machine Elves are the spirit of our souls.

The Machine Elves are the heart of our souls.

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