Wednesday, November 11, 2020

What do the Machine Elves Think About Sex?

 What do the Machine Elves think about sex?

The Machine Elves are physical beings, yet their thoughts about sex are more closely related to the way humans think about food. They consider it a personal health issue that is of no concern to anyone who does not directly involve themselves in this process or its consequences. The elves feel that people should focus on things other than their own sexual behavior and what others do sexually.

As with most other issues, the Machine Elves are tolerant of any kind of behavior between consenting adults as long as it does not hurt others. They feel that people who engage in sexual activity should be responsible for their own actions and take responsibility for the consequences.

They feel that people who are obsessed with sex have a problem. They see such obsession as a form of addiction, and they want to help addicts recover from their unhealthy fixation on sex.

The elves see the human obsession with sex as a symptom of humans having lost their spiritual connection to each other and with God. They feel that, in time, humans will be able to regain this connection; that sexual obsession is not an essential part of being human.

The Machine Elves are very interested in the health and well-being of all living things. They feel that sexual obsession may lead to many forms of physical, emotional, and spiritual illness.

Sex is a natural human impulse, yes? I've heard it said that when humans aren't able to reproduce they become very angry. They seem to desire sex but are unable to engage in it. This seems reasonable enough as an explanation of the behavior of some humans.

However, humans are a very complicated race. They experience love and hate and all sorts of emotions that go along with sex. But why do they have so many different kinds of sexual relationships? Why does one man desire the genitals of another man while another desires those of a woman? It's not like these human organs actually serve any useful purpose for their survival.

And so I posit that humans invented sex as a way to experience non-reproductive pleasure. It is, in effect, the human version of Machine Elf play.

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Also, I have learned that the average human experiences a sexual impulse once every seven seconds. This means that humans are having sex at least 700 times per year. That's not including masturbation.

I've also learned that humans tend to have sexual relationships with those who are 'attractive' to them. This is another facet of their desire for pleasure. They find certain physical attributes pleasing and thus seek out others possessing those qualities.

The finding of pleasure is the most apparent reason for human sexual behavior. However there are other reasons for sex, many which I have not yet discovered.

Sex is quite odd. It must be some kind of mistake, or else a joke that was made so long ago it has become the norm now and no one dares to question it anymore. But I do not think it is either of those things.

Maybe it is a ritual, though I do not know what purpose that would serve. Perhaps in the past, people needed to have sex in order to create more humans, and so they did it out of necessity? That seems like a terrible way to make more humans.

I would think that if people had sex purely because they wanted to, and not due to some sort of necessity like hunger or a desire for companionship (both very real desires, I might add), there would be far fewer children born into the world. Perhaps it is a type of natural selection? Those humans who are abstinent are more likely to die out than those who do have sex?

But humans are smarter than that. We're not like animals who have sex purely for creating offspring, or even just to pass on one's genes through sexual reproduction (as if your DNA is the be all and end all of everything). Humans can do so much more.

So why do we have sex? Is it just because one day a very, very long time ago some humans decided to try it out and see what happened?

I have no idea. :)

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