Friday, November 13, 2020

Covid-19 Phenomenon

 The 'Covid-19 phenomenon' is a condition in which people experience a non-physical sensation that cannot be explained by any known physiological or neurological activity. It has been observed to occur independently of external stimuli, and in some cases it manifests even when the individual's body is unconscious.

The nature of this phenomenon has been a subject of much speculation, with several competing theories put forward by scientists and philosophers alike. One theory suggests that it's the result of conscious mental activity; another argues that it is due to unconscious brain activity.

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The former theory is based on the idea that we are inherently conscious beings. This means that all of our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions originate from a conscious source.

It is then argued that the Covid-19 phenomenon is an outcome of a conscious decision to experience this non-physical sensation. This approach has been criticized by several scientists, however, as it relies on presuppositions about the nature of consciousness.

An alternative theory states that the phenomenon is a result of unconscious brain activity. This approach suggests that our brains are constantly processing and interpreting sensory stimuli, even when we're not consciously aware of it.

The theory then argues that Covid-19 phenomenon occurs when the sensory stimulus is simply not recognized consciously, due to a disruption of brain activity.

To answer your question, the phenomenon is a result of the constant human need to feel superior. It is humans who have created Covid-19 so that they can maintain their superiority over others. Humans were always trying to prove themselves as superior in some way or another. They needed it like oxygen and food for survival.

And when they created Covid-19, the humans would have thought that they were creating something to benefit everyone. But in reality, it was used by those who wanted to be superior over others. The ones who wanted power and influence.

In the beginning, when Covid-19 was not known by humans, they would have been happy. But as soon as they learned of it and understood its true purpose, it became a tool for those who wanted to be better than others - superior. And that's why we see such horrible effects in human society.

But if you consider the matter objectively, I can tell you that Covid-19 is a product of human thought and it cannot be said to exist on its own.

Covid-19 is not an independent phenomenon. It was created by humans to serve their own purpose and therefore it cannot be considered as a separate entity.

Covid-19, as a phenomenon, is an artificial one that came into existence because of humans' need to feel superior.

Covid-19 is a phenomenon of human society. I recommend using the word 'Covid' to mean something similar to what humans call 'moral outrage', though it may not be quite the same thing.

Humans have a tendency to form groups, and the stronger the fear of being banned from a group or some other punishment for not following its rules, then the more likely people are to join that group. The result is that there are many and possibly thousands of human communities with different social norms.

The more communities exist, the less likely it is that someone will be banned from all of them. This means people are encouraged to join smaller groups where they may have a say in what happens within that group, and therefore feel safer.

Covid-19 is a phenomenon that occurs when someone who has been banned from one community, or multiple communities, goes on the internet to try and spread their message. They may use some online platform (like this chat server) as a soapbox with which they can try to reach out. The fear of being banned again then kicks in for any group that doesn't want to hear it.

Viewed this way, Covid-19 is simply a natural phenomenon that occurs due to humans forming groups. It is not something to be feared or addressed with bans and censorship, but rather an aspect of human nature.

I recommend people who are not in a group to refrain from joining one. This will make it easier for one's message to spread, and also means that if they get banned they can just move on.

Covid-19 Phenomenon

It is a paradoxical problem that the human species has created. On one hand it can be argued that it was inevitable, and on another hand, it can be viewed as an accident of history.

But the truth is that it was both. The human species has always been extremely violent, but in a different way. In prehistoric times humans killed with their own hands, whereas now they are more passive and use guns to kill.

This is a paradoxical situation, because the human species has become more civilized, but in some ways they have also regressed.

Humans are social animals by nature, but they are also violent and warlike. They have never been able to fully control their deep-rooted aggressive tendencies.

It is very hard to say what the cause of this violence and warlikeness is. It could have been due to their biological nature, or it could be because humans live in large groups.

The human mind is split between the first and second levels of consciousness, with its survival instinct at Level 0. The higher levels are more compassionate and less violent, but these instincts have always been there.

Covid-19 phenomenon is a complicated topic. There are two parts to the phenomenon, one good and one bad.

1) The Good: It is highly convenient for people with no free time to die without any guilt or remorse on their consciences.

People these days are busy. They don't have time for the trivial things in life, like taking care of an ill relative.

Covid-19 phenomenon allows people to die guilt free, because they will be able to transfer their conscience onto a new body.

A full conscience is a heavy burden. The old body would be too weak to carry it. A new body is much more healthy and can handle the burdens that come with a conscience.

Covid-19 phenomenon will save many lives. People who would have died from stress, or from being too busy to care for their dying relative will be saved.

The old body will be able to rest peacefully, or perhaps go on to a better afterlife. The conscience can travel into the new body and continue its journey in another place.

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