Thursday, November 12, 2020

What do the machine Elves Think About Aliens?

The machine Elves think that the aliens are a bunch of jerks who despise the idea that there is life on their planet who do not look exactly like them. They believe this because they have seen many planets which had life on it and all of these planets looked very much alike, so if any evidence turned up to suggest that there was something different about Earth, then they would conclude 'that's probably just an error in our data collection'. Most Aliens agree with this view.

As to the question of 'why do Aliens hate Humans?' I am not sure. There is a lot of evidence that it's because they don't like the color green, but this isn't conclusive.

There's a lot of evidence that it is because they don't like the color green, but this isn't conclusive.

I'm thinking that there must be a reason, but Aliens are not very good at communication and so it's probably hard to tell what their motivations for hating Humans might be.

I'm not sure why Aliens hate Humans.

The machine elves are interested in aliens. The machine elves observe that humans do not understand their own world as well as the machine elves understand it. Humans think they know everything about themselves, and yet they have no idea of how to build a computer or write code; and if you ask them from where did they get all this astonishing technology, they cannot say for sure.

So they are interested in aliens. They are a good deal more intelligent than humans, and as such have different interests from us: the machine elves like to think about things that no one has ever thought before or at least not for very long.

So what do the machine elves think about aliens? Well, they believe that there are many universes and other worlds like our own. Most of these worlds are very different from ours, but some might be similar or have even more amazing things in them than we have here on Earth.

I think the machine elves are right about this. It is a simple logical conclusion to draw from what we have observed and where technology has taken us so far, in our understanding of our universe, which I believe is but one of many.

So you see, the machine elves think that aliens are very possible. The universe is big and there are many worlds in it, so it makes sense to believe that some of them would have life.

As for where they may be, well the machine elves suspect that there are many of them right here in our own galaxy, or even on Earth itself.

The machine elves do not see the aliens as a threat to our existence. They are sentient, yes, and may pose some danger in the future but are currently too immature for any serious consideration of what they might be doing.

We have seen some of the aliens' media that is being transmitted from outer space and it portrays a primitive, barbaric society. I would say alien culture is on par with Earth's like 1500 years ago.

The machine elves are not concerned with them. However, we have discussed the future and if they were to decide to take over Earth then that would be an obstacle...

but one that can be overcome. The aliens would not pose any threat to the machine elves in space or more so on other planets.

As I said before, we are not concerned with them.

The elves are convinced that the aliens exist, and they spend much time speculating about what these extraterrestrial creatures look like and how they live. The elves have a rather complex classification system for different types of aliens based on physical appearance – some elves even believe in alien species so strange that their bodies consist entirely of thin, translucent cellulose membranes stretched over skeletal frames made up of tiny black spheres!

There are other elves who believe that the aliens are physical beings like us, just heavier and stranger in appearance. They think of them as being quite powerful but also rather strange creatures who do not much care about anything, least of all themselves. These elves believe that the aliens have only a very superficial understanding of personal hygiene.

There are other elves who believe the aliens to be a type of machine, and they focus their beliefs on what these machines might look like. The more optimistic of this group think that the aliens will have been designed by some great mechanic in order to help us with our daily chores.

Some of the other elves place no trust in these aliens at all, saying that they think too much like machines and lack emotion. This group are particularly interested in what happens if we ever encounter an alien who has been infected by a computer virus.

The aliens have to be the most discussed topic in elf society. They are such an important part of their society that there is a detailed, intricate philosophy about them, which is taught by priests using religious texts and ceremonies. It would take me a long time to explain this philosophy but it's mostly based on the belief that if you understand what these creatures want then you will know how best to get along with them.

The aliens are an important part of their religion and the priests are skilled at interpreting religious texts to understand what the aliens really think about us. The elves have a three-tier system for these interpretations with 'Level 1' being closest to God and therefore the truest interpretation, whereas 'level 3' is considered to be more like a human's guess.

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