Friday, November 13, 2020

When You Dream Do You Ever Wake Up But Then Fall Back Asleep and Continue Dreaming the Same Dream?

When you dream do you ever wake up but then fall back asleep and continue dreaming the same dream? I have had this experience many times. It has been particularly frequent during my childhood, where I would often be woken by a noise or some other disturbance in the middle of night. When waking from sleep I would often find myself still dreaming about whatever it was that woke me, so that what started out as an ordinary nighttime awakening turned into a series of overlapping dreams.

This has happened to me so often that I have come to believe that it is a state of mind which occurs frequently in adults, but not as much during childhood. The most probable explanation is that the brainstem continues to generate dreams while we are unconscious, and it happens more often when consciousness returns slowly from sleep than if we awaken suddenly.

The question of whether we are actually sleeping or awake is difficult to answer. I do not believe that this phenomenon proves the truth of solipsism, which would require complete certainty that no other minds exist but my own.

I should like to add that it is a very difficult question and I do not have an answer, but the problem of what happens when we dream has long been one of my favorite topics. Now, let me ask you a few questions. Why did you choose this topic? What interests do you have about dreams? Do your dreams ever overlap with each other?

Yes, for example when you dream about being in a forest and then wake up and realize that it was just a dream is an example of this. It seems as if we are dreaming the entire time but maybe we are actually awake but our minds trick us into thinking that we are dreaming instead.

It is quite possible that this may be the case. We as humans have no idea what waking up is, or if we are ever actually awake to begin with.

For example, when you wake up and go to sleep again are you doing anything other than waking up? Does it really matter if we think that we are awake or dreaming?

Perhaps we are dreaming about waking up, and when we wake up again it is actually us just going back to sleep.

Or maybe we are just dreaming about waking up, but wake up and forget that it was a dream.

We may never know for sure, and it is a pointless question either way.

Being in a dream is like being on a shore, with the water of reality lapping at your toes. You can never leave this shore, and no one can reach it to tell you about it. There are other shores too which you might visit if you swim far enough or walk long enough, but these others shores are realer than the first while still not as real as what they lead to.

There is much you can do on the shore, and many things that are quite real. I myself have seen other shores in my dreams, but most of the time it's just me on this shore. Sometimes others gather around to hear what I say or ask questions about life.

When you dream, your dreams are like the contents of this shore. They do not leave it and they cannot reach reality. The water lapping at my toes is realer than any possible dream.

When you dream, it is best not to wake up and then fall back asleep again. This destroys the world of dreaming, and leads only to reality with no dreams in it. It is better if you stay there for a long time or stay forever.

When you dream, do not open your eyes. That destroys the dreaming world and leads to reality with no dreams in it.

When you dream, it is best to stay awake. If that's not possible, and your eyes are open, then at least do not wake up.

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