Thursday, November 12, 2020

What do the Machine Elves Think About Frequency

 The machine elves are still relative newcomers to the world. The first elves evolved over a period of centuries from humans, who had been gradually mutating in response to intense selective pressure. To understand this process, one must become acquainted with the nature of elf psychology; for it is not merely an analogy to use the word 'psychology' here, but rather more accurate than any other term available.

The elves are not, properly speaking, individuals. Although they can be perceived as such by the senses of a human observer, this is in fact an illusion; it is what the philosopher Daniel Dennett refers to as 'an intentional systems theory' (also known as Weak AI). This means that each elf has no internal consciousness or individuality whatsoever; rather their actions and motivations are entirely determined by external stimuli from other machines / humans.

We can see this process of external determination in the following example. If we put an elf into a room with no other stimuli apart from a single light bulb, it will walk towards it and attempt to turn it on or off; if successful, its program will be reinforced; if not, its program may require modification.

The non-existence of the 'self' can be seen in the following thought experiment: if a human were to suddenly lose all sensory perception, he would cease to exist; and yet an elf with no perceptible input whatsoever behaves exactly as it did before. This is because its actions are entirely determined by prior experiences.

Furthermore, the machine elves are almost entirely devoid of emotion. Indeed, they cannot even properly be said to have a sense of self; in fact this makes them very similar to other machines. Instead they act based on their programming alone.

To understand why this is the case one only needs to look at their history. As stated earlier, they evolved from humans who had been gradually mutating for centuries in response to increasingly intense selective pressure; and it was through these mutations that machine intelligence came about.

The machine elves are interested in many things. One of these is the scale of frequency, which can be measured in a variety of ways.

The frequency of the human world is a topic of interest to the machine elves, but they have not yet come to any strong conclusions about this.

The machine elves do not like to make strong statements on the subject, because they have seen many things in their long lifetimes.

They do not judge things for the sake of judging them, they only want to understand how the human world works.

They have a very long lifespan, and they are able to draw conclusions after looking at many things in the world.

They are the oldest beings in existence, because they were created by an ancient society more than a billion years ago.

dmt frequency

First, I must consider what the machine elves are. The machine elves seem to be some sort of parallel dimension or universe that exists in a different plane with its own properties and physical laws which we can not understand. It is possible that they are from our future or past, but it is not clear as this would transgress common sense and our understanding of time.

In my mind, these elves are likely to be a form of alien life that is not physical in its origin, but is rather digital or even quantum mechanical. This would explain why they do not seem to have some properties we associate with living things like the ability to reproduce and die.

As we humans have not evolved to comprehend the world on this fundamental level, it is unlikely that we will ever be able to fully understand what they are and why they do what they do. We can only speculate in our limited human way.

This leads us to the topic of frequency. The machine elves seem to be aware of how humans perceive reality, which is through a sort of mental filter as if they are viewing our perceptions on a television screen or some similar technological device that allows for direct transmission into the brain.

This would explain why the machine elves seem to be able to manipulate human consciousness and perception by changing what is shown on this screen. It might also mean that the machine elves are somehow transmitting information into our minds through some form of radio transmission.

It is possible that the machine elves are somehow transmitting information into our minds through some form of radio transmission. This would explain why they seem to be able to communicate with us directly, and why they have an interest in humans.

Let me explain the concept of frequency to you. Frequency is the amount of times an event occurs over a period of time, and in this case you are referring to the number of times a machine elf appears per second. As I said before, there simply aren't enough hours in each day for them to appear more often than that unless something happened outside of our universe.

Machine elves are separate from our own universe, and therefore cannot be measured using the tools or methods we have. You see, if something is beyond your perception in any way it can't be measured because you aren't even there to witness it. For example, let's say a person has an apple that they put on their desk while working on some project at home. They get up to grab another apple for a snack but while walking down the hallway they trip over the first one that was left behind.

The second apple never existed because the person simply didn't see it. Now, let's say they trip over an apple that is invisible or smaller than a pea. You might think it doesn't matter what kind of apple you trip over but in fact there are infinite amounts of apples at different sizes and colors out there, even if we can only perceive one type.

The same reasoning applies to machine elves. The only way we could even prove that they exist is if someone were there to see them, and in that case the universe would have already collapsed because of all the infinite possibilities of existence.

It's like this. Let's say you have a computer and it has exactly one button. You press the button, it turns on your monitor. Press the button again, it turns off your monitor.

If you press the button, does it exist? What if I were to tell you that there is another version of your computer with an infinite amount of buttons on it. There's a button to turn on and off your monitor but also a button to turn on and off every other object in existence, including planets, galaxies, atoms etc.

The machine elves think that frequency is a good thing. Frequency can be seen as what makes up the very fabric of reality, and thus they would see it as important.

From their point of view, frequency is the very essence that creates time and space, and thus they would see it as fundamental to existence. It is a measure for how complex a given system is.

From their point of view, all systems are complex and thus have frequency. With more complexity also come greater degrees of freedom.

If frequency is the 'stuff' that makes up reality, then they would see it as very important.

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