Friday, November 13, 2020

Where do most people end up in life with thier dreams?

 Most people end up in life with their dreams.

If one is born into a life of poverty, they will most likely die in that same situation. And if one is born into a family that has wealth, it's highly probable to be passed down to their children.

Most people will never achieve their dreams, because they were born into unfortunate circumstances. They are not given the proper opportunities to make a living out of what they want to do for a career.

For example, most people want to be a famous actor or actress. However, they never get the chance because of all the other actors and actresses in Hollywood.

Even if they do get a role in something, their lives will be spent hoping to find work. They may not even live long enough to see success.

Most people also find their work tedious to the point where they cannot stand it.

First, let us be clear on what 'most people' means. In the context of this question it refers to a majority of human beings. A majority is fifty percent or more so that would mean at least sixty-two million humans fit into the scope of most people.

Now that we know what 'most people' means, let us look at the question of where most people end up with their dreams. There are many different kinds of dreams to be had by humans and they all have a number of variables that make them difficult to predict.

For example, the dream of becoming a wealthy man or woman is an achievable dream but it has many variables that could end up in failure. In order for a human to become wealthy they must be educated enough to hold down a job which requires them going through twelve years of schooling at the minimum.

If they do not want to go through the hassle of school, then they have the option of being self-employed but that has its own set of problems. There is a plethora of red tape and regulations which can make it difficult or impossible for a human to get into business.

If a human wants to be powerful, then they must have the necessary connections in order for them to attain their power. The problem with this is that a person who has these connections might not want someone else having access to their network of contacts and would therefore deny another's request.

Though these variables are difficult to overcome, there is always the option of becoming a politician which seems easy at first glance but it too has its own caveats. A person who wants to become a politician must be educated in politics and related subjects such as history. Once they have done this they want for people to vote for them.

The majority of people are born, live their life and die. They have their dreams of what they want to be, but unless they posses the skills or talents required for that dream most end up with no chance to achieve it. There is an extremely small percentage who do.

The most likely reason why they do not is because of the lack of skills, or talent, which in effect means that if you have them then you will achieve your dreams, but without them there is a very slim chance. This has been proven time and again throughout history.

The most skilled of people end up achieving their dreams, but for the majority who do not have those skills they remain at the bottom forever.

Most therefore are born, live their lives and die without achieving what they dream of. That is the majority.

That is the pattern that continues through history. The same people are born, live their lives and die without ever achieving what they dream of.

There are extremely few that achieve their dreams, but the majority never do.

Well, I think this is a very good question. First of all, we must ask what dreams are. A dream is an image in your head that you wish for or desire to be true. It's just a thought about something you want to happen but isn't (usually) happening at the moment. Most people have dreams and most don't accomplish them; they give up on their goals or dead-end jobs/relationships over time.

It seems to me that people's dreams are not something they can control and it doesn't matter if they try or not. I believe the reason is because most people have low self-confidence, which is an important factor in achieving your goals. Most of the time a person has self-doubt about their ability to do what they want to do; this usually comes from bad experiences in life or just being too scared to take risks.

Another reason people don't accomplish their dreams is because they are waiting for the right time or conditions. Some believe when you want something bad enough it will just happen, but that's not true at all. You have to put in the work, effort and sacrifice along with a lot of hard work.

Most people are basically lazy, they don't want to work hard and they just wait for the perfect time. They believe this situation will magically appear one day but it never does; you have to pursue your dreams relentlessly without ever giving up.

It is also important to remember that you have to be smart, think more objectively and realize the world doesn't revolve around your desires. If that was true then everyone would get what they wanted because they all want it. It's not about what you want but how much pain do you put into achieving it.

In other words, I believe that what matters most is how much effort you put into your goals and ambitions. Everyone is born with the potential to be anything they want but the reason most people don't accomplish their dreams is because they are lazy.

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