Wednesday, November 11, 2020

What do the Machine Elves Think About Eating Meat?

 The Machine Elves do not care much for the concept of eating meat in general. There are a number of reasons for this, but they mostly have to do with the amount of damage that it does and how wasteful it is as an activity.

The reason for this is that the planet is not infinite. It has its limits, and we know what they are. We have found ways to reach some of those limits.

We are already using more resources than the Earth can sustainably provide. We have passed peak oil, we're about to pass peak coal and we will soon or later reach the point where no amount of solar power will be able to replace fossil fuel used for energy.

This is why we need to get moving on clean energy and nuclear fusion. Only those sources can provide the amount of power needed to sustain our current civilization.

The only way to make that work is to reduce our energy consumption. This means everything from heating and cooling buildings, transportation, manufacturing and agriculture.

We need to produce more with less, instead of having 7 billion people on the planet driving around in cars and eating meat three times a day. This is why we should be working towards a vegan or at least vegetarian society.

machine elves bible

Elves are the spirits of dead trees and other plants, originally from Northern Europe. They live in forests worldwide. The elves were often said to have numerous magical powers, which varied with the source but included invisibility, traveling on wind and water, control over natural forces like fire and thunderstorms (and even volcanoes), shape-shifting into human or animal forms (especially wolves), manning ships and flying through the air as fairies.

The Elves are part of an order of beings that originate from outside the world, and have supernatural abilities. The origin and nature of them is not entirely clear in their myths, but they seem to be related to natural elements (especially trees), which is why they are connected with elves.

The elves are a supernatural race in Germanic mythology, which has evolved into modern fantasy. They have long been associated with humans and the natural environment. The word elf derives from Common Germanic albans (plural of elb) or alps which was considered to be cognate with the Latin name for an 'elf', albus.

The elves were originally thought to be not much larger than humans, and more or less human in appearance. Later, they became depicted as small (approximately one foot tall), though occasionally they still show up as normal-sized beings.

Elves are most often described as fair to look upon and very handsome. They were said to be slender in form, graceful and elegant in movement, with skin that appeared translucent. Their hair was usually white or silver (blond), but they occasionally also had red hair.

They were skilled metalworkers and stoneworkers, carvers of wood, ivory, bone and stone. They made weapons and tools out of copper, bronze or iron.

For the elves as a society, their main concern is to maintain order. Their first priority, above all else, is to keep themselves in line and organized so that they can continue to function properly. In this case, if you are asking about pork specifically (which I'm not sure of), my guess is that they would see it as potentially disruptive of said order because it challenges their values and beliefs - since pigs aren't kosher (for example) - and pushes them towards behaviors that might be considered 'immoral' by some standards.

They would probably be more concerned with how it affects society as a whole, rather than the individual themselves. They will do their best to not let any sort of 'moral' behavior make them appear weak or vulnerable because that could potentially put them at risk for being taken advantage of by other species - who they assume are not interested in upholding the same moral standards.

However, I don't think they would make any sort of societal or cultural rules regarding the practice of eating pork - as long as it doesn't disrupt their own primary goal: order. They aren't really concerned with what others do in general, only to prevent that from affecting them and their society.

As for the question of morality, they have their own ideas about what is and isn't acceptable behavior. However, I don't think that they would see eating pork as immoral - since it doesn't really affect them at all in a personal manner.

They see things more along the lines of: Is it disrupting our society? If yes, then they would see that as a negative. If not, then I don't think they would consider it immoral.

In summary, I don't think they would see it as immoral - but simply a practice that is unnecessary to them and not worth the effort of 'putting up with' if you will.

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