Tuesday, November 10, 2020

If We Live Under a Dome, What Might Exists Outside It?

 If we lived under a dome, then the outside world would exist independently of our perceptions. This is one possibility to be considered.

But what if we lived under a dome that was transparent? Not only would the outside world exist, but so too could we see it and interact with it. In this case, our perceptions of the outside world are not independent from its existence; instead they are dependent upon it.

Now let's assume that we live under a dome, but the walls are opaque. Suppose further that our perceptual organs are also not transparent, so outside objects do not register with us directly.

In this case, we could not see the outside world. But that does not mean it does not exist.

Does the world exist without our perception of it? In this case, we can not say for certain. But that does not mean it does not.

For example, we could conceivably have a world within our dome that is exactly like the outside world. In fact it might be indistinguishable from the outside.

I will begin by stating that we do live under a dome. It is not really much of an assumption, since you cannot see the stars with the naked eye at night.

Now, what exists outside the dome? I suppose that it is a big question with multiple answers. There are many possibilities.

First off, the universe could be infinite. This would mean that there is no limit to how much space there is outside of our dome.

The universe could be infinite, but still contain a center. This would mean that the dome is circling around some sort of core.

The universe could be finite, but the dome is not circling around a core. This would mean that there is nothing outside of our dome.

The universe may be finite, but the dome is not circling around a core. This would mean that there exist other domes in our universe

.First off, we have to consider how the outside world was created and what already existed. One could assume that there is a large source of energy out there somewhere in space, something like a star or black hole or some other massive object producing prodigious amounts of light.

This energy is spread throughout space, and eventually finds its way to the solar system via gravity. The energy washes over earth like a wave of heat, melting everything into a molten ball.

As the earth cools, it coalesces into a single sphere. Eventually, life begins to appear on our planet.

Then, when life became advanced enough to communicate and think abstractly, we constructed a dome around the planet.

The dome is almost impermeable and has remained in place for thousands of years. I am not sure how old the planet is though, so it could have been longer.

Are we living under a dome? It only seems that way. Underneath the skin of the Earth, and above our heads in Space there is an enormous amount of space. I can't even conceive of what could lie beyond all those stars and galaxies but it's certainly not like being indoors.

It's like the dome is a huge ocean that surrounds us, and we are swimming in it. There are fish in the water, but I don't know what they look like or where they came from. It would be very weird if there were a girl right next to you as you swam.

Perhaps the fish have a girl that they swim around in circles, and every few days or years they take her out on land for some fun. How would you know? You'd just see their big fish-girl friend next to them.

Is it possible that fish are just a different type of human? Maybe they look and act differently when you're not around. It's hard to prove or disprove something like this.

Does the ocean have a surface? How would you know if it does. Maybe we live underwater but I just don't remember.

I remember times before I was born, and after I die. Is that memory? Or is it just a simulation of me going through my life off the top of my head?

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