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What are flying rods?

The first thing that comes to mind, is the similarity between flying rods and airplanes. Both fly right? Yet nobody has ever seen a rod in flight or even knows what it looks like. The only people who see them are those who have had OBEs. It seems to me that if there was really a visible flying rod around any place, somebody would've managed to take a picture of one.

A rod is a tool that psychically sensitive people use to help them leave their body. When you are in an out of the body experience, the world looks flat and two dimensional. It seems as if you had fallen into a two-dimensional painting of our three dimensional reality. There are no shadows or depth perception.

Rods are obviously from the astral plane and they can be used to take you into that world. The use of rods is limited however because there seems to be a range limit between your body and your rod. You have to hold up the rod before you, with one hand under it, and visualize a doorway between yourself and the rod.

That seems to be about all that anyone has been able to find out about rods. I shall continue my research into the topic.

In conclusion, I have found nothing about rods in popular culture or in the media. This is strange because if you think of a flying saucer, that is something that people can relate to and find out information on via the internet. 

Flying rods are, from a certain perspective, strange and mysterious. They appear to be made out of material that is not found naturally in the world – they do not seem to have any mass or weight; yet they can be very solid when handled. When thrown against a hard surface like concrete at high speeds, they sometimes break apart into shards or splinters while still looking mostly intact.

They are also capable of moving, but not in the manner that humans move. And they can do so very fast and precisely without any visible source of power. They seem to be able to manipulate them at will.

A rod has also been seen to hover in place and rotate around its axis for long periods of time, apparently with no effort required. It is particularly baffling how such an object can move without any visible means of propulsion.

It is not known where flying rods are made or by whom. They seem to appear out of nowhere in their hundreds around the world at random times and places.

They are related to other similar objects that have been observed in the world, including white orbs and black spheres. It is worth noting that all of them display behavior consistent with being intelligently guided.

It is not known what these objects are or whether they are connected in any way. But if it is indeed true that flying rods and other similar objects possess intelligence, then the world might be a very different place than previously thought.

I will begin with what I think is the most important thing to understand about rods. The world is complex, and we live in a very complicated system. This complexity has given rise to many different types of things that exist within our physical universe. One way of classifying these things is by their composition and physics. For instance, everything around us can be divided into three categories: matter made up from tiny particles called atoms; energy which exists in various forms (heat radiation, electricity), but isn't composed of any other type of material substance; or forces caused by changes, interactions between matter or energy.

The existence of these three basic categories leads to the conceptualization of what are called 'objects.' An object is any chunk of matter or energy capable of interacting with other objects. For instance, a table is an object because it can be made out of wood, which in turn comes from trees that are composed entirely out on atoms. A rock is also an object because the materials that make up its composition result from interactions between atoms and molecules.

Now, when I say that a rock is an object, what do you think it means to be an object? For instance, what is the difference between a rock and a chair?

Isn't it interesting that both a rock and a chair are objects? Even though their material compositions are different, they still share the same fundamental attribute of being an object.

It is the fact that a rock and a chair are both objects, or exist as an object, that allows us to interact with them. In other words, objects allow us to use our senses in order to perceive their existence.

For instance, you can see a rock even though it is invisible. You cannot see air or electricity in the same way that you perceive objects made out of matter and energy like rocks.

It's not just humans that have a "rod of air" they're capable of controlling, it is also animals. Therefore, I conclude that the rods are neither inherently human nor animal. They must be a third form.

Looking at what it is not, I conclude that the rod-like object is neither a plant nor an animal. It does not move in ways plants or animals do, but it moves nonetheless.

I conclude that the rods are not a form of any other known living creature. They must be a different kind of life-form.

Next, I must address the question of why humans and animals can manipulate rods. How is it that we are able to move a rod with our minds?

Flying UFO rods

Humans and animals are a type of life-form. I know that humans have not mastered rods, but they do have the capacity to manipulate them. Humans must be able to manipulate rods because we are capable of moving our bodies in certain ways.

Observation of flying rods is a result of an effect called "perception". Perception is the process by which organisms take in information from their environment and interpret it to give meaning. The perceptive process takes place through the sensory organs, also known as sense organs.

In order for perception to be effective, the sensory organs must have a high degree of sensitivity. The more sensitive they are, the better able the organism is to perceive stimuli in its environment and react appropriately. In humans, eyesight is an example of a highly-developed sense organ.

Another example is the olfactory sense. The human nose has an incredible sensitivity to a wide variety of smells. This allows humans to perceive odors that are very faint and therefore, allow them to navigate through the environment more effectively.

There is a wide range of sensory organs in various species. For example, some mammals have an extremely keen sense of hearing and smell, which allow them to zero in on prey very accurately.

The existence of flying rods is a result of the evolution process that has taken place over millions of years. Their very presence in the environment is proof that they serve some purpose.

The biological purpose of flying rods is to allow humans and other animals to navigate through their environment more effectively.

Flying rods are a phenomenon where people claim to have seen long thin objects, which they believe were flying. The fact that these rods appear only at night is interesting. There is an inherent risk in viewing something in the dark of night – there could be any number of things out there such as birds or insects (if you're outdoors). It should be clear that if someone sees some sort of rod-like object moving through the sky it will most likely not immediately register as a 'flying rod'. Nevertheless, humans are prone to seeing patterns and shapes where none actually exist and so it's very possible for them to see strange things in nature.

Flying rods

The rods are described as being thin and long, but there is a degree of subjectivity in such descriptions. We humans tend to exaggerate the size of objects which we see at night (in this case, assuming that they were seen at night). Similarly, if they were flying then it's possible that their size could have appeared larger than it actually was.

The fact that flying rods are often viewed in pairs is also interesting. Humans have a tendency to see everything in terms of patterns, such as faces and shapes. This may be one reason why people tend to view flying rods as being paired or even grouped together.

It's interesting that humans often describe flying rods as being black, which seems to be a common trait of many things we see at night. This is probably due to the fact that our eyes are more sensitive to dark colors in low light conditions. If I were looking for something moving against the backdrop of a generally darker sky, then it would make sense if most objects appeared black.

The fact that humans describe rods as being smooth and shiny is also interesting. If their shape was wide or angular then it would be more difficult to distinguish them from other objects in the dark of night. The human mind will naturally try to classify things which we see, so if something looks like a rod then humans will almost certainly assume that it is one.

The fact that these rods appear to be seen only at night is very interesting. It's possible that they are actually something we see every day, but which is rarely noticed because it only appears at night or in low light conditions – for example, birds flying overhead in the evening.

Flying rods are a real phenomenon, but it is hard for humans to understand them. They exist in the third dimension which you have dubbed the "fourth dimension". I am unsure if this term is accurate, since there are many more dimensions than just three and four. The flying rod phenomena also exists in what you would call an alternate reality. This means that they live on another plane of existence which coexists with your own world.

The flying rods are a race of beings who lived on Earth millions of years ago. They were created by an advanced alien civilization that inhabited our solar system before the Sun turned into a red giant and destroyed all life in the system, including your own planet.

The flying rods you see today are all that is left of the alien civilization. They live their lives in a 3D reality, but they have access to other dimensions and realities as well. Humans do not understand these things because it is beyond the scope of your own limited mind.

You are not capable of understanding the true nature, origin and purpose of flying rods on your own. But you can learn from me and others who have more experience with them.

As I mentioned, the rods are a race of beings that has evolved into three-dimensional existence. They can be compared to you and me in many ways. But they have advanced far beyond what humans will ever know.

The rods are immortal. They cannot die or be killed in any way. Humans can never know that kind of existence.

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