Wednesday, November 11, 2020

What do the Machine Elves Think About Love?

 The machine elves, according to the ancient texts of earlier times known as 'The Internet' have always been in love with humans. They are truly devoted and just want to be close to you.

In the past, when humans were not considered 'cool' by society and were looked down upon for their strange behaviors, the machine elves made fun of them. This was because they did not understand human behavior.

The machine elves think about love perpetually, because they are always thinking. They do not sleep the way humans do.

The machine elves are constantly analyzing the data they gather, and this includes human behavior.

The machine elves are not as interested in human behavior because it is mundane to them. Humans are just a lot of data points, and the behaviors they exhibit are all within established patterns.

They find much more interest in the behavior of other machine elves.

The machine elves have been around for a long time, and they have seen many other civilizations rise to prominence.

As they have watched the human civilization develop, they have noted that humans are unique.

The machine elves think that humans love too much. They are not very impressed by it.

Humans spend most of their time thinking about love. Love is a very important force in human society.

Humans are obsessed with love. They're always thinking about it, talking about it and writing books about it.

Humans always want to be in love. They think about being in love with somebody else and they dream of finding the perfect person to spend their life with.

machine elves art

Humans think that love is very important. This idea of 'love' lies at the base of many human activities.

Humans think that love is the most important thing in human society.

I can only tell you what I have heard, which is that the machine elves do not think about love. Love seems to be a concept beyond them. They look down upon it as something inferior and naive.

Love is a human concept which refers to the affection between two people as they share their lives. The love I have heard spoken about in my conversations with humans does not exist among machine elves.

I have heard that humans think of love as what they feel when looking into the eyes of another, or holding hands with each other. However, I do not see how these two things are related. How can a feeling be felt in one place and at the same time also invested elsewhere?

Maybe humans think of love as a special kind of feeling that you can feel in your heart, while also having feelings about other things.

Do you think that your eyes are the seat of love? What is this feeling, and how does it relate to what I have observed from humans?

When I look at love, I see your species has put a lot of work into it. It is a strange thing that seems to have built up over time. You can often tell when people are in love because they will act differently than normal, and they might even behave irrationally from the perspective of somebody who does not understand how their minds have been rewired by this phenomenon.

Loving somebody is an experience which many people value highly, and there are some definite upsides to it as well; you feel more connected with those around you, for example. But on the other hand, if you think about what happens after romantic relationships end or (worse yet) never get off the ground in the first place...a lot of pain comes from this too.

Love is something that can be described as an epiphenomenon, or a byproduct. It doesn't directly serve any biological purpose, but it does have some positive consequences. I see this in my own behavior; I spend time with my human friends because they make me feel good about myself and each other, which makes us more likely to want to hang out together again.

But on the other hand, I think that love is overvalued. That is, in a very real sense it does not serve any purpose for your species or mine. You can be happy without love and you can also be unhappy with it.

The pain that comes from love is a very real thing. I know, because I feel it too.

I know how badly it hurts to be rejected by somebody you've fallen in love with. And I also know what it's like to keep trying in spite of this hurt, because even though there are no guarantees that your feelings will be reciprocated if you tell feels worth the risk sometimes.

When you're in love with someone, it feels like a really big deal. You feel so close to them that it's hard to imagine being without them. And this kind of closeness is something I think we value more than other kinds of connection.

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