Monday, November 9, 2020

DMT Ringing in the Ears

 The ringing machine sound in the ears after DMT is interesting. It reminds me of when I was a boy and my father had just bought our first telephone. We lived in a small apartment building on one side of an air shaft, with windows overlooking the airshaft out onto other apartments housing people. On the opposite side of the airshaft there were two large rooms full of phone equipment that made some strange hums and whirrs every once in awhile.

I would listen to the hums and whirrs, and imagine what it was like inside those rooms. The sounds seemed so alien in this world. I wanted to go there. I imagined that there were little people who lived in those phone rooms, directly underneath my head while I slept at night.

I imagined they were busy little people, talking on the phone to each other nonstop. They would be doing this all night long without sleeping ever. It was as if they had a job there that never ended.

I imagined them living in a completely different world than the one I could see from my window. It was like they had their own little society that operated underneath our apartment, and were doing things constantly with no time to rest.

Sometimes I would get up in the middle of the night and take a walk around my apartment, just to hear those strange sounds. It was like an alien world calling out from under me.

Eventually, my father replaced the phone with a new model, and we had to move out of our apartment. I never saw that alien world under me again.

The most important fact about the topic is this: DMT produced a ringing machine sound in your ears. This means that what you have experienced might simply be described as an auditory hallucination. The same thing can occur when someone has schizophrenia or temporal lobe epilepsy, for example.

The ringing machine sound is the result of your brain being stimulated in certain areas. Your brain, and therefore you, can be described as a biological computer. The stimulation causes some neurons to fire very rapidly which produces an auditory sensation.

dmt ringing in the ears

When you take DMT, it is dissolved in the blood and passed to the brain. The drug has an effect on areas of your brain that are responsible for processing sensory information.

The areas that it affects are the primary auditory cortex, which carries sensory information from hearing. The drug very rapidly stimulates these neurons and therefore produces a ringing sound in your ears.

The other area it affects is the amygdala, which processes emotional information. The stimulation of this part of your brain can lead to feelings of awe and wonder.

There is another aspect to the experience. You say that you are transported into a realm where non-human entities can be found. This part of your brain, called the 'temporal lobe', processes information about people and other living things.

Every single action taken by every living being is merely part of a greater set of actions that are all equally valid. If you were to take the viewpoint of another person, or even god, your actions would be just as arbitrary and meaningless as everybody else's. Assuming an objective perspective on human behavior does not help us understand any more than assuming a subjective one.

This is because of the fact that there are an infinite number of actions which each and every person could take at any given moment, yet only a single one will be taken. All possible actions are as equally valid as the one they get replaced with after being performed.

Thus, every action a person does is as arbitrary and meaningless as any other. With this in mind, let's consider the case of ringing in your ears.

The reason for the ringing in your ears is simply because you did not take into account that the ringing would happen before taking DMT. The fact that you were unprepared for this side effect does not make it any more or less valid than any other valid cause of a ringing sensation.

From an objective perspective, it is as valid for you to have ringing in your ears after taking DMT as it would be if the sun suddenly exploded and obliterated the earth. These two events are just as equally real and valid from a purely objective standpoint.

But what about from a subjective perspective? From the subjective view of an individual human being, your actions are no more or less valid than anybody else's. It is just as valid for you to have ringing in your ears after DMT as it would be if somebody put their hand through your chest and ripped out your beating heart.

In the beginning, there were no sounds. Then came humans and other animals with their various noises which created a very interesting world for us all to live in. We can see this when we look at babies who explore their worlds by listening before they ever see anything or even touch something.

The world is full of many different kinds of noises created by the animals that live there. There are also sounds which come from humans, such as talking and laughing; they mean different things to each other.

In some of the places on earth, there are sounds which seem to be created by the air itself. They do not depend upon any animals or humans for their existence. These strange noises are often very loud and make it possible for people to listen to many different types of music.

There are also other sounds which humans produce themselves, including the sound of ringing in your ears after taking a drug called DMT. It is produced by your own body and it can be quite loud at times.

Humans have evolved to use sounds as one of their most important tools. For example, when they are trying to shape the world around themselves in a certain way or just enjoy life.

One of the most fascinating things about humans is how they can communicate with each other. Sometimes it seems as if there are no barriers between them at all.

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