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How to Achieve Ascension Without the Use of Psychedelics

You can achieve ascension with or without psychedelics.  I have had multiple trips where beings have insisted on taking me through a portal to change me into a state of being that I can never come back from ie: my original state or afterlife state but while human.  It is essentially taking the red pill where the old "me" no longer exists and I completely come out of the matrix once and for all.  They have shown me what to expect and what my life can be like but I have never gotten to the point to take the leap yet although I am very intrigued about the idea of completely transforming my life.  I am in the position of waiting to see what the current political spectrum brings about and where humanity is going in general before I decide what to do with my life and because I understand I do not have to "crazy" with psychedelics and because there are other options where I do not have to risk it all to get where I need to be and let me explain:

The other options include a natural path into full blown ascension by way of simply fasting.  When I was on psychedelics they installed what I can only define as a new Merkabah engine into my being.  I watched them do it in the same way that they gave me a download of information to create the content for this website.  Each human functions in a  similar manner that a computer does.  We are all basically avatars running in a simulation.  There is a method to how we function and a scientific approach to what fuels us although at a certain point the rules of the game start to disappear and we end up in another dimension with different rules in the same way we experience a lucid dream.  How we get there is a change in frequency.  When I say frequency I mean frequent sea....  The fourth dimension or the age of Aquarius or the golden age is a shift in consciousness that humans are going through at this time although to get to the fourth dimension and to "live the dream" has only been limited to a select few of initiated individuals but this has been changing over the past few decades because knowledge has been increasing.  Now just about anyone can reach these new levels of consciousness with the right intention but I digress...

To get into this new state of awareness there are a couple of methods I have used and I have been shown by other beings.  One is of course the innerstanding of words and etymology.  You need to be able to do this because it is the programming language that we use to experience the world.  Once you have decoded the language in which you function you begin to shift automatically.  This information is in the mystery school I have created on this website.   This is not a mandatory prerequisite but it makes things a hell of a lot easier to make the shift possible.  The other way that it is possible is by learning how to move energy.  I have an entire YouTube channel in which I show how orbs work and your own energy field works.  I have investigated the paranormal over many years and have a lot of experience in the mystical and metaphysical fields.  In order to shift your vibration/frequency (for lack of better terms) you have to change your "state" of being and you do that with WATER or H20.  Water or WATTER is the fuel you need to charge your body.  They called currency "current" for a reason and that is because we have a current that flows through us and it is evident when we meditate or take psychedelic we can "sea" it in our third eye and feel it on psychedelic trips but psychedelics aren't necessary to access it all the time.  The psychedelic's should teach you, depending on what beings you are interacting with how to do this naturally, how to do this on your own.

To do this on your own you need to change the cellular composition of your body.  When you drink a lot of water what happens is your enter a state of alkalinity in the same way an alkaline battery works.  You can do this by eating a lot of organic fruits and vegetables.  You also enter a state of ketosis.  This can be measured in your blood and urine levels.  What happens when you stay in this state long enough is that your current changes.  I PERSONALLY can measure this with different changes in my surrounding electrical atmosphere.  For example I can move orbs very easily and I can make lights flicker and affect other electrical objects and even non electrical objects.  See the below video of how I summon an orb.  Orbs are fields of energy that you can use to project your consciousness.  They are everywhere around everything all the time.  They are used to bilocate and to astral project.  We DO NOT NEED VEHICLES, THE INTERNET OR MONEY for any reason.  Nature has provided humans with all we need to experience the universe for free at any time.  I am surprised that people do not know this with everyone taking as much psychedelics as they are although I did not learn this on psychedelics I only confirmed it in a different way because you see there are multiple angles in which was can perceive the universe and reality and you need to have them all to be able to master this dimension.

Once you change the way your cells work through diet and / or fasting you increase the amount or capacity of energy your body can handle and you can start affecting matter, you can start using your third eye and you can start easily moving energy through your chakra or aura field or activate your Merkabah.  It becomes very easy the more water you take in and when your brain and heart is running off ketones which are the original energy source that humans have used for thousands of years before they started putting sugar in everything which also contributed to lowering our vibration, disease rates, etc..  You need to understand that the original humans were all capable of multidimensional travel and other great feats.  We never used to need technology and all this other crap like the internet because it exists in nature.  It is because certain beings have corrupted nature that we are in the position we are in now.  We need to return to Eden or risk being banished from it forever.  This is about our salvation as souls and we all need to play our part.

Once we begin to change the way our body works and restore its natural function to its original state we can come back online, use the orbs to project consciousness and travel wherever, access divine knowledge, do channeling, know the past present and future, etc and much more.  It is ALL available and contained within us.  WE DO NOT NEED SUCH THINGS AS THE INTERNET, VEHILCES AND MONEY. Money is MONO EYE.  CURRENCY is current (sea).  The truth is hidden in language, symbols  and PLANE SIGHT.  I describe all of this in my mystery school teachings.

I am not sure what else to add to this post.  It is quite a simple and plain topic.  You just need to be a healthy spiritual being and you can come back online or go back to God/source.  Everyone knows this innately they are just being lazy in my opinion.  You do not need anything this world offers.  This world is like a game.  There is a reason Christ said that nothing from this world enters the kingdom of heaven and that is because we do not need anything from here and everything from here is basically a corruption of things of an eternal divine nature.  The things we are convinced we need here we do not need at all.  We are sold an imitation of true reality by beings who want us to worship them as Gods and steal our energy but we do not need to give them our power since we have our own unlimited capacity you just need to remember how to access it.

The human body is like an alkaline battery in that it has a positive end and a negative end. A single atom of the human body contains protons and electrons, which are negatively charged subatomic particles with mass. Protons have a positive charge because they're surrounded by other subatomic particles (protons) that have a negative charge.

The human body is like an alkaline battery because it gives off a voltage. The electricity of the heart is like a battery's output and the nutrients in food are similar to the electrolytes in batteries.

The human brain is like an alkaline battery because it converts food into energy, which the body uses to function. The more educated a person is, the better his or her brain will be at creating energy from its food intake.

The human brain is like a battery because it's made from cells, and each cell in the body stores energy. The more educated a person is, the better his or her brain will be at creating energy.

Imagine a set of alkaline batteries with one end connected together, and the other end connected to an acid-filled cup. When both ends are at the same voltage level, there is no transfer of charges between them. But if you connect one or more batteries to a load (e.g., a light bulb) that requires higher voltage than they have, then those 'defective' batteries will discharge into their container.

Now, if you connect a series of alkaline batteries together and put them in an acidic solution, they will discharge. In this case the container is not only acid-filled but also contains a light bulb and other electrical loads that require higher voltage than what was delivered by the series of batteries.

The human body is like the series of alkaline batteries. It consists of a set of organs (e.g., liver, heart, etc.) that are connected together and produce electricity - to power other organs (e.g., brain) which need more voltage than they can deliver.

But there is a problem. The brain requires more voltage than the liver, heart and other organs can deliver to it.

So the human body is like a series of alkaline batteries. It produces electricity, and it also consumes it.

And just like the human body, each alkaline battery is composed of a set of cells (e.g., zinc-oxide cell) that are connected together and produce electricity when they undergo a chemical reaction to neutralize an acid - in which case some of their electrons flow to other batteries or loads.

The human body is like an alkaline battery. The way the human body works is similar to how an alkaline battery functions. Batteries have a positive and negative charge, or terminals if you prefer the technical term. Humans as well have a positive terminal and a negative terminal.

The human body is the source of all life, just as in a battery. The positive terminal gives energy and inspiration to its surroundings. The negative terminal receives this energy from its surroundings.

This is similar to how an alkaline battery works. The positive terminal of a battery gives out energy and the negative terminal receives that energy.

In the human body, there is a positive terminal and a negative terminal. The heart is the positive terminal and the brain is the negative terminal.

The human body is like a battery in many other ways as well. Batteries can be recharged and the energy inside them can be replenished.

The human body can be recharged and replenished as well. The food humans eat is the source of energy for the human body.

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