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How are DMT Visuals Experienced

 Let's start with the human condition. Since all humans are born under different circumstances, people are influenced by these factors and their belief systems change accordingly. If I were to compare two separate individuals from different parts of the world, for example North America vs Africa or China etc., it is evident that there will be an obvious difference in thought process between them because they both have been exposed to totally different cultures since birth. The same rule applies when comparing two individuals who belong to one country but come from completely opposite backgrounds.

Now to the DMT visuals experience. I haven't tried it myself but from what I have read, if you are doing it correctly, you will see very strange and sometimes scary entities that exist in a different plane of reality. It is evident that these entities are not visible to everyone because they exist in another dimension which most humans cannot access or perceive directly.

I believe these 'entities' are not evil and have no specific thought process of their own. In fact, they are all around us for we too exist in a different dimension than them.

If you still believe that these entities are evil, please stop and think how we humans are perceived by animals. Do they see us as evil? Animals have no concept of good or bad, it is up to us humans to decide whether something or someone is 'good' or 'bad'. If you were an animal being attacked by a human with a knife, would you consider the human to be evil?

Cannabis, LSD, DMT and other psychedelics have been proven to open the mind to different perspectives and thus reduce the likelihood of being 'unethical'. I think this is a very good thing because it means people will be more likely to question their actions if they know that what they are doing is wrong. The problem with this however is that people can then become too skeptical about everything around them instead of taking action or making a decision. This leads me back to my previous statement regarding the human condition.

If two people are born under different circumstances, one being in a 3rd world country and the other being raised in a westernized environment, it is evident that their thought processes will be affected by these differences. For example, children who grow up without knowing what's 'good' or 'bad', tend to have less prejudice because they aren't taught any. This makes them much more open minded and creative which leads me to my next point.

I believe that if you were to take DMT, you would learn something about the nature of reality which is not perceived by most humans. I find it incredible that we are able to perceive visuals in our brain with no apparent source material; this suggests an underlying structure behind matter and consciousness.

DMT allows you to explore the nature of consciousness and reality in a more primal way. When we dream, our brain operates at a lower level than when we are awake; this is probably because DMT levels are higher during dreaming.

DMT induces a dreamlike state while awake. This is why you see visuals, hear sounds and experience bizarre thoughts. It's as if your consciousness is temporarily separated from the body; however it remains fully aware of itself.

The fact that we can experience these visuals without any external stimulus suggests a type of internal structure. The subconscious is more real than matter, so to speak.

In the brain, there is a type of visual cortex called V1. It receives electrical signals from the eyes and transmits them to higher levels in the visual pathway. I imagine that DMT allows these signals to bypass their usual destination (V5) when passing through V1.

This is important because it means that there is a structure to the contents of consciousness; it's not just random firing of neurons. It suggests some internal organization behind what we perceive.

DMT is an extremely powerful psychedelic drug that induces a very intense and short lasting experience.

Its effects can be separated into two aspects: Visuals and thought patterns.

How are DMT Visuals Experienced

The visuals aspect is extremely powerful and seems to work primarily as a sensory deprivation experience. For example, when I try to access my senses while on DMT, I can only see a black screen in my mind's eye.

I am not able to hear or smell anything, and I do not feel my body.

Briefly, I cannot access my senses- not even the sense of being able to use them. This sensory deprivation experience is what causes the visuals aspect of DMT.

The thought patterns aspect of DMT is what causes the intense and short-lasting experience. Thoughts appear to be very fast paced, and it seems as though my thoughts are being sped up.

The first time I took DMT, it was a profound experience. I was lying on the floor of my room in the dark, and watched as shapes began to move around me in three dimensions. They were moving at incredible speed and with incredibly intricate detail that reminded me of stained glass windows from medieval churches.

As they moved around me, I felt like they were trying to communicate with me. They certainly seemed alive and intelligent. It occurred to me that the only reason I could see them is because of DMT in my bloodstream; it was as if these creatures had been waiting for this exact moment so that we could meet.

It was incredibly humbling to realize that there existed in the universe creatures that I could not see unless they allowed me to. It made me feel like a child again, seeing things for the first time through new eyes.

That's when I realized that we humans are not the center of the universe. We might be intelligent, but there is so much more out there than us.

So I took DMT again, except this time I tried to remain calm and quiet my mind. As the creatures moved around me once more, I asked them what they were doing here? They slowed down for a moment, as if they had heard me.

But then they began to move again, circling around me even faster than before. I asked them once more what they were doing here, but this time the creatures ignored me.

DMT is a drug that naturally occurs in the body. It's an essential part of how the brain functions, like breathing and digestion. The vast majority of humans have experienced it at some point when they were young children, before their frontal cortex was fully developed (and hence had no sense of being 'the self'). This causes them to experience something akin to blindsight – they're not consciously aware of seeing anything, but if you test what they look at with non-visual stimuli (loud noises), then you'll find that their visual cortex will respond as though there is light present.

This is why there are so many false claims of alien abduction by children – all they're seeing is a sort of hallucination, and their brains fill in the gaps. They may or may not have actually been abducted (I'm inclined to think that very few were) but either way, it's only when you get old enough to consciously experience the world that you realise what happened. I believe this explains why DMT use has historically been confined to shamanistic rituals, which would be carried out after adulthood.

The effects of DMT are often described as a 'spiritual' experience, which is partially correct. It gives you some insight into the nature of reality and life that you may not have otherwise had. However, it's important to understand what kind of insights these are. They're not necessarily true – they don't describe how the world actually works (they can be quite wrong in fact), but they do describe your perception of how things work. In this sense, I suppose it could be described as a spiritual experience.

More specifically, it's a sort of extreme psychedelic experience. It doesn't just make things look strange like LSD does – it completely distorts your sense of self and what you think the world is in an extremely fundamental way.

The reason why I'm so interested in DMT is because it has a lot of implications for human society. Since the Enlightenment, we've had this idea that humans are self-aware and rational creatures, and that our consciousness and sense of 'self' is somehow essential to describing who we are. However, there's good evidence that humans aren't actually like this – they're more like biological machines (think robots), which can be described as though they have an artificial intelligence.

This is in line with my previous posts on consciousness, which described it as an illusion. The DMT experience of seeing the world without the self-awareness that characterises normal human consciousness means you get a glimpse into what reality might actually be like.

DMT visuals is similar to a dream, which may be interpreted differently by different people. For me, it was like watching an animated movie that looked like the universe as I know it from a distant perspective. The experience seemed completely real and lasted about 15 minutes (although time distortion is common on DMT).

At first, I saw an object that looked like a cosmic pom-pom made of glowing fibers. Then the scene shifted to outer space with unidentifiable objects moving about in what seemed to be random order.

There was no story to follow, just a lot of chaotic movement. But then the scene shifted again and I saw what looked like a large black disc with holes in it rotating slowly.

The disc seemed to represent everything I know about the universe. It was huge, and in a way it looked like a giant record spinning on turntable. The holes were black emptiness.

I learned that our perception of the universe is very limited and a lot of things we think are there may not exist in reality.

For example, we think that dark matter and energy are there because of our proven theories about the universe. But what if they aren't really real? What if they exist only in someones mind?

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