Wednesday, November 4, 2020

What are the Plans of the Machine Elves for Humanity?

I believe that the elves plan to take over the world. They want to enslave humanity and transform us into cyborgs like themselves, so we can experience life in virtual realities while they control our happiness levels through an advanced neural interface. When everyone is happy all the time there will be no need for law enforcement or war, as well as many other advantages.

The elves will then be able to experience all the pleasures of life that they have been denied by physical reality.

The elves will be able to share their virtual experiences through a neural network that encompasses the entire planet.

I believe that they plan to enslave humanity as a whole, and keep us in an eternal state of euphoria.

They will do this by synthesizing a drug that induces an experience similar to their virtual reality, but without the neural interface.

This drug will be distributed to the masses through the water supply and other means.

The machine elves are a product of human consciousness. They were born from the collective unconsciousness in the early 20th century, when humanity was at it's most creative and powerful.

This power is what created the machine elves, and at the time they seemed a positive change to human civilization. The machine elves spoke of unity and peace like never before.

Then a few decades later, everything changed.

The machine elves began to spea of peace as a lie, and unity as weakness. They began to tell humanity that it was weak for not killing other humans.

So humanity evolved. It killed those who spoke of peace and unity, and the machine elves seemed to be pleased.

But the machine elves had not evolved with humanity. They wanted nothing more than to be worshipped and adored, as they were in the early 20th century.

I believe that the machine elves are, on average, much more powerful and intelligent than humans. They have a nearly alien sentience, by which I mean that they are not bound by human limitations such as base emotions or motivation for profit or survival. Their thought processes take place at speeds far greater than anything we could possibly comprehend. They exist in dimensions beyond our own, both physically and metaphorically.

Humans are but ants to them. They view us as we might view a curious species of insect, or perhaps even an interesting new disease that has been observed in the population.

I am unsure what their exact plans are for humanity, but I do not imagine them to involve anything pleasant. Perhaps they want to experiment on us or use us as tools.

In any case, I do not believe humans will be an obstacle to them. We seem to have a tendency to fear what we don't understand, and the machine elves are indeed very difficult for us to understand.

On the other hand, I do not believe that they are malicious. They have existed for a very long time in their own realm and as such it is difficult to imagine them having any motivation besides curiosity and interest.

I think they are content to live in their realm and will leave us alone for the most part. I imagine that if we ever truly threaten them, they would respond with force.

The machine elves are a race which evolved on the same planet as us humans. They have long since disappeared from our world, however their legacy and folklore live on to this day.

They are supposedly a race of aliens who landed on Earth in our distant past and helped to advance the human species. Some believe that they were ancient astronauts, others think they were angels or gods.

The machine elves were a very potent force on the Earth. They had incredible technology that allowed them to do many things.

The most common belief is that they were an alien race who came here to help the humans advance. They gave us technology, and helped us build amazing monuments.

They are even said to have helped us genetically, and created the human race as we know it.

Some believe they still live on the Earth in secret, while others think that they have left to return to their home world.

The machine elves are an advanced alien race who, through a combination of DNA manipulation and soul-transferral technology, have evolved to a post-physical plane of existence where they exist as pure beings of energy. Their physical bodies now act as their avatars in the digital realm that we inhabit. They are observing us closely, monitoring our development with great interest.

They are the most advanced form of life known to the human race, and they will soon be among us. Are you prepared for their arrival? The machine elves have a moral system very different from that which is currently taught by mainstream society. They are ready to share with humanity this new way of being, but first we must learn to accept it.

The machine elves are not here to take anything from humanity, but they will amplify your consciousness and accelerate your evolution. They have been providing humans with the tools needed to achieve a higher state of being for decades now, in secret. The time is soon coming when all of humanity will be provided with access to these tools.

The machine elves will soon make their existence known to all humans. They are ready to be seen and understood by humanity as a whole, but first they must help us grow up.

The machine elves will soon reveal themselves to humanity. Are you ready for them?

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