Thursday, November 5, 2020

Should You Take Psychedelics or Stick to Non Psychoactive Plants and Herbs?

 Plants and herbs are better than psychedelics for m state. The reason why plants and herbs can be used to address m states is because they can change the way you feel, while still keeping your body relatively stable. A psychedelic dose that would induce a mental break would do so with a large amount of instability in the human mind. This instability could cause intense anxiety or even panic attacks which are not controllable by many individuals.

Anxiety and panic attacks can cause the human body to have a change in response and your emotions could shift drastically, making you feel very uncomfortable. So it would seem that if one is trying to experience this state with psychedelics, then they should be prepared for any possible outcome.

Psychedelics however can be used very effectively for inducing a state of mind where there is no mental stability. In this situation, the body is not being influenced by any substances and it's at its most unstable point. This means that the psychedelic experience will feel more real to you because your mind has been taken to a place that it would never go otherwise.

The stability of the body is an important aspect in psychedelic use because it allows you to feel more comfortable while your mind undergoes a state of instability. The mental experience can be difficult if you do not have some kind of feeling that everything will go back to normal.

So it can be said that the most effective uses of psychedelics are ones where there is a lot of instability in the human mind, but stability in other areas such as body.

So plants and herbs may be more effective for m states. They can induce instability in the human mind, but not to a point where you feel like your body is being thrown off balance.

In my opinion, psychedelics are the equivalent of plastics. They have been molded by humans in order to fulfill certain functions which they could not do naturally. In a sense, they are fake plants and herbs.

Plants and herbs are grown naturally, as nature intended them to be. It's up to us humans whether we want to use those plants or not for our own purposes; which is a decision that I'm very much inclined against, if only because it destroys the original purpose of the plant.

Furthermore, plants and herbs often have psychotropic properties which may be used for medicinal purposes. People are also more likely to use them as part of a spiritual practice such as meditation.

Psychedelics, on the other hand, are very artificial in nature. They have been modified by humans and given certain properties that they do not inherently possess. Thus, they can be used to fulfill a variety of functions.

The question of whether or not psychedelics are better than plants and herbs really depends on what kind of experience you're looking for. I would argue that the experience provided by plants and herbs is more genuine, while a psychedelic experience is synthetic.

It's like comparing a natural fruit to a plastic fruit. The real fruit has been grown in nature, and it contains all of the nutrients that are beneficial for human health.

According to me, plants and herbs are better than psychedelics for mind state. This is because they aren't dangerous when consumed in the right amounts, unlike psychedelics that can be very risky depending on the amount of use.

Plants and herbs are also more beneficial in my opinion because they have physical health benefits like being able to help you sleep better and relax, which can be very good for dealing with stress.

Dangerous? That is true. Plants and herbs can be very dangerous to consume in large quantities if you are not careful with them.

However, this can be avoided by not taking too much of them and only using a little bit at a time. This is how it is different from psychedelics which can get dangerous even when used in small doses.

Another good thing about plants and herbs is that they are completely natural. This is something you can't say about psychedelics because some of them have been created by doctors.

This means that plants and herbs are safer because they have been used for centuries as medicine, unlike psychedelics which haven't been around long enough to know how they affect people.

Drugs are addictive. This is a problem for everyone, but it's particularly bad for the mentally ill. There are better alternatives to drugs that can be used in mental illness therapy.

The mentally ill are more likely to become addicted to drugs. The drug addicts of today will be the drug addicts of tomorrow.

Drugs are bad for your health. They cause liver and kidney damage. This is not good for anyone, but it's especially bad for the mentally ill

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