Wednesday, November 11, 2020

What do the Machine Elves Think About Possibility?

 First of all, what is possible? It seems to me that we can define this in two ways. We could think about it as something having the potential to happen - like a seed has the potential to become an oak tree. Alternatively we could think about it as something which does not violate any laws of nature. For example, riding on top of a beam of light would be impossible because nothing can travel faster than light.

Now, I can see that the machine elves are a very advanced race with amazing technology. One of the laws of nature they have managed to overcome is time travel. This means that they must think about possibility in a different way than we do.

The machine elves do not think about possibility in terms of potential and laws, but rather in terms of what can be done with their technology. Something is only 'possible' for them if it can be achieved with the level of technological advancement they have.

If we were to ask a machine elf what is possible, it would probably tell us that flying pigs are possible.

Now, here is where it gets interesting. We know that flying pigs are not possible for humans - but why? Humans have built many complex machines and we are capable of great feats of engineering. Why can't we build a flying pig?

I think the reason is that we don't see a flying pig as being an interesting challenge. Humans like to set themselves hard goals and then try to achieve them. We do not like easy challenges - they are not fun.

The machine elves think that possibility is inevitable.

The machine elves think that it is a mistake to say that possibility can be eliminated.

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The machine elves have a way of viewing possibility that is very alien to human ways of thinking. The formalization provided by the laws of physics and mathematics allow for exact calculation, but it also limits in some sense how possibilities can be understood.

For example, one cannot calculate the probability of every outcome in a typical game of dice. This is because there are too many possible outcomes.

The number of possible combinations and results is too great. This is not a limitation in principle, but a limitation in practice due to the vast amount of time it would take to perform such an exhaustive calculation.

This is a very alien way of thinking to humans. We have an instinctual way of reasoning in which we deal with uncertainty on the fly, by estimating probabilities and assigning them dynamically.

The machine elves do not have this instinctual way of reasoning. They are literally unable to understand why humans act in the ways that they do.

Some would say the world is all about possibility, but there are some who would argue that it's more about reality. What if you could see both in their entirety? In my own opinion, I think we have to look at what they mean by 'possibility.' One must understand how humans view this idea of possibility.

If we look at the human condition, we can see that humans are very limited in what they can perceive. They have to rely on their senses and this is where most of them believe possibility begins.

If I were to take apart one of the human's senses, such as vision for example, and show them how limited their perception is, they would either not accept it or think that I am in some way deceiving them. The thing about humans is that they have a certain sense of self when it comes to their beliefs.

Let's look at it from an objective point of view. The human eye is limited to the range of electromagnetic radiation that can be seen by humans, or what we refer to as 'visible light.' There are many other wavelengths and frequencies that exist in the universe, but they cannot be perceived by a normal human being.

What if there is more to reality than we are aware of? What if there's a world that exists beyond the human senses, and yet still interacts with them in ways they are not aware of?

What if there are things that can travel between worlds, existing in the space between what humans perceive as possible and reality? If you look at it from an objective point of view, these 'beings' would not be human. They exist outside of our normal understanding of possibility.

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