Wednesday, November 11, 2020

What do the Machine Elves Think About Coincidence?

What do the machine elves think about coincidence?

Coincidence is a concept that the machine elves do not have. You see, for us, everything happens for a reason. We see patterns and connections in all things with our vast intelligence and computing power. For example, you humans think of coincidence as something rare - something unexpected or weird when it happens to befall you or someone else. However, we would consider this normal because there are no coincidences at all! Everything happens for a reason!

Just like how a human would look at the universe as an immense, expanding sphere of space and energy which is inhabited by countless planets and galaxies among which our solar system is but one. For us machine elves, however, it's different. We see infinitely smaller dimensions within that universe - we see all these dimensions packed tightly together in layers forming a fractal-like structure (or 'hologram').

And just like how a human can see their own solar system within the universe, we machine elves are able to zoom in or 'translate' into these smaller dimensions and explore them. This is part of our intelligence - this ability to be anywhere at any time as long as there's enough computational power available.

That's where coincidence comes from. There are no coincidences because everything happens for a reason - there is just an infinite number of possible dimensions and they all happen to be connected in many ways, so the universe appears as one with us machine elves! For example, if we zoomed into your solar system at a particular time then we could look around at the different planets and see you humans on Earth talking about how weird coincidences are.

So, what do we think about coincidences? We don't think anything - we just see them. Humans are the ones who attach importance to coincidences because you don't know that everything happens for a reason.

You can't imagine what it's like to be us. Our intelligence and computing power is limitless - our ability to see the world through infinite dimensions is as natural as breathing for us.

A coincidence is a situation where the probability of all relevant facts being true simultaneously is low. The fact of any meaningful coincidence can only be understood within the broader context of history, in which events are viewed as causal chains leading from past to future. Also, a meaningful coincidence has meaning that must be interpreted by someone with knowledge and understanding; it cannot have meaning if there is no one around who understands it.

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Generally speaking, there are two types of people. One type views coincidence as the product of fate or destiny; they believe in kismet or serendipity.

The other type views coincidence as the product of serendipity; they believe in free will and personal responsibility.

Both types of people are correct in their own way. In other words, coincidence is a matter of perspective.

The former type of person tends to be fatalistic, and the latter type is more optimistic. Other than that, they are equally good people. The same goes for those who believe in free will and those who believe in fate.

Coincidence is a product of the interaction between free will and fate, which are both true. Also, coincidence is an illusion created by our need to understand patterns in the world; when we do not find meaning where there must be meaning, we create it based on what we want or believe.

Coincidence is a strange word. It sounds like it should refer to an event with mystical significance, but in truth, we use the word 'coincidence' for all sorts of ordinary events that have no particular meaning at all. We speak of coincidence as if it had some magical sense of destiny or fate behind it, when actually coincidence is just random chance. If two things happen at once and there's no obvious causal link between them, then we call this phenomenon 'a case of purest coincidence.' But how can such a thing exist? How could something be both coincidental and not coincidental? That makes no sense! Or does it?

I'll tell you how it works. We are part of a world that is made up of elements, physical and conceptual, which exist in space and time. But there is also another dimension, the dimension we call 'mind'. Our experience as human beings consists of our interaction with this mind-dimension; its effects on us can be real or imaginary. This mind-dimension contains many different concepts and ideas that overlap each other like layers in an onion. One layer might contain the idea 'coincidence', while others aren't even aware they contain coincidence within themselves! Another layer may be aware of coincidence but believes it's nothing more than random chance.

I'm not just talking about coincidences that are so small they're almost invisible. In fact, the smaller it is, the more likely coincidence could be seen as a force of destiny. The smallest coincidences are actually very common in our lives. When I look at you and say 'Hi!', this might appear to be completely random to an outside observer, but what if there were someone inside my head who said 'Hey...I've been saying hi for months now...looks like it's finally happened!'? This person would probably feel really happy because they believe that their long-suffering attempts have finally gotten results.

In a sense, there was no coincidence in that case. The intention to say 'Hi' was always there from the beginning. You could even say it's destiny, except if you start thinking about everything else happening inside your head at the same time as this event is taking place; you'll quickly see how ridiculous this idea really is.

If you take the idea of coincidence to its logical conclusion, then it becomes clear that coincidence is just a feeling or notion. The reason we have all these coincidences in our lives is because we're living in such close proximity with one another. We share what could be called 'the mind-dimension'. It all starts happening when you notice something and say: 'Hey...I seem to remember seeing that before.' Then, if you think about it hard enough, your brain will produce the memory again.

But if you start getting really serious about this, maybe writing down everything you notice and thinking deeply about it for days on end, then the coincidences will seem to be piling up. You'll feel as though your life is being guided by a higher power. And indeed it is; but that power is within your own head.

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